The Clueless Twitter Account Everyone’s Talking About!

Modern-day Chers, rejoice! 19 years after our fave flick was first released, Clueless (aka The Bible) is being brought into the 21st century with a genius Twitter account @ModernClueless that’ll have you LOLing for hours.

Oh, how we love the feather pens, the yellow plaid, ‘rollin’ with the homies’… we could go on. So it only seems right that finally Cher, Dionne and the gang have been reinvented for 2K14 with the account, which parodies the most famous Clueless quotes, swapping the mid-’90s references for today’s pop culture nuances and modern technology. As if!

So, remember when Cher side-swipes a car while practicing driving, squeaking “Oops, should I leave them a note?”? Well in the world of @ModernClueless, it would go a little more like this: “Oh! Should I send them a DM?”

It’s about time the most quotable Betty we know gets translated into the modern age. We’re totally buggin’.

By Katie Yiannakis

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