What Drinking Alcohol Is *Really* Doing To Your Skin

It’s no secret that drinking alcohol is bad news for our skin, but things could be about to get even worse.

Have you ever looked at Kim Kardashian and wondered how her skin looks so darn flawless all day everyday? Enter Dr Harold Lancer. He’s Kim’s dermatologist, and in an interview with the Telegraph he’s unveiled some very eye-opening facts. Brace yourselves…

After one too many drinks, it can take your skin up to 30 days to recover. Yes, really.

Lancer told the Telegraph: “It takes about two to four weeks to regulate. Think about it, someone who has been on birth control pills is not usually totally hormonally static for three to six months after coming off them.”

>Kim Kardashian’s picture-perfect skin



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But wait. Is it just alcohol we’ve got to blame?

Lancer goes on: “So when you have a hormonal jolt caused by a sugar fest – let’s say at a pizza party – there’s salt, dairy, carbohydrates, and alcohol. It will take about 30 days for that to naturally calm down.”

You read that right, my friends. It’s food and alcohol we need to control.

“Ham, sausage, bacon, bread, hash brows… you may as well shoot yourself,” he says. “That is like being on a prison diet. And white bread is a total loss. You might as well paint blemishes on your face.”

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Before you go into hibernation, let’s look at this realistically. Dr Lancer is looking after Kim Kardashian, aka one of the world’s biggest superstars – which we aren’t, period. In other words, Lancer’s strict skincare rules aren’t going to make as big a difference to our lives as they will to those who are always (and we mean, always) being papped. Now who wants a Dominos?