Coco Rocha Reveals The Key To Being A Good Parent

Public breastfeeding, while a totally natural and often necessary part of life, has been a firm fixture in the headlines previously. Models Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes and Gisele Bundchen have all shown support for it, posting photos and comments of their own experiences on social media. Actress Olivia Wilde posed breastfeeding her son Otis in the September issue of Glamour, Angelina Jolie did the same thing for Vanity Fair and Nicole Trunfio made headlines earlier on in the year for doing it on the cover of Elle Australia.

So, when supermodel Coco Rocha took to Instagram to post an (adorable) snap of her daughter Ioni drinking formulated milk from a bottle earlier this week, she found herself subject to some seriously harsh trolling and accusations of being a bad mother for touting the benefits of breastfeeding.

But Coco quickly took it upon herself to set the record straight. In response to a string of critical Instagram comments, she replied: “Getting a lot of unwanted advice based on my last post. Not that this is anyone’s business – I loved breastfeeding Ioni for the first 5 months of her life and then one day my milk went dry. It happens to every mom at different times.”

> Coco Rocha slammed critics for shaming her as a bad mother for not breastfeeding





Speaking to Daily Mail Australia a few days later, she added: “I’ll tell you that unfortunately I can’t make milk any more, and my baby has to eat to survive and therefore she must have formula.”

“So for the trolls out there, you will be removed. I don’t need your comments. I don’t need you to tell me how to be a mother. There is no perfect way of being a parent, no one has done it.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

And, judging by the pics and vids of 6-month-old Ioni plastered all over Coco Rocha’s Instagram page, she looks healthy enough to us..