Women Live Tweeting Their Periods At Donald Trump

Donald Trump has caused his fair share of contraversy recently with his comments about Mexican immigrants and just last week he outraged the world with a dig made to a female journalist about her supposedly being so angry because she on her period.

When asked a few difficult questions by Fox News presenter, Megyn Kelly, Trump said she had, “blood coming out of her wherever”. Although he has since spoken out and said that this comment has been taken incorrectly – he apparently was referring to that common phrase “blood pouring out of their eyes” – most don’t seem to have accepted the non-apology. In fact, a whole host of women on Twitter are actually live tweeting their periods at him in a seriously hilarious way.

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Women all over the world are pointing out that trying to insult someone by saying they are on their period is not really an insult at all. Women are not incapable of doing their jobs just because it happens to be their time of the month and Trump’s ridiculous comment has caused one major – and funny – backlash.

It all began with a woman named Amber Gordon who saw Trump’s comments and decided to say something. Using the hashtag #PeriodsAreNotAnInsult, the idea quickly caught on and women all over the world got involved. It’s safe to say that the billionaire has been getting his fair share of abuse. Here are some of the best responses.

Examples of women live tweeting their periods at Donald Trump. We wonder what Donald Trump will have to say to this.

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Examples of women live tweeting their periods at Donald Trump. Examples of women live tweeting their periods at Donald Trump.

It’s not the first time Mr Trump has landed himself in hot water during this political campaign. He came under fire for labelling Mexican immigrants “rapists” and has frequently made degarding comments towards women throughout his career. After this major backlash, perhaps Donald Trump will be more careful about his comments in future – but that might just be wishful thinking…

By Amy de Klerk