Dolce & Gabbana Just Brought The Boom Box Back – As A Bag!

Before the iPod, the MP3 and the Walkman, there was the Boom Box. Carried by all the 1970’s New York cool kids and the accessory of choice for Will Smith – circa the Fresh Prince days – and MC Hammer, come the ‘80s, a boom box was the ultimate status symbol.

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But while they may look super cool, they’re not exactly a practical way to carry your tunes around with you. Until now. Dolce & Gabbana has well and truly brought the boom box back by turning it into a handbag – yep, speakers and all. The offbeat – no pun intended – arm candy first made an appearance at the Dolce Summer 2017 menswear show last month, then in the womenswear Cruise 2017, and now it’s actually going to be available to buy. We knew novelty bags were having a major moment thanks to Chanel’s milk cartons and Moschino’s Happy Meal boxes, but a real music playing piece of arm candy? D&G just took the trend to the next level.


As well as looking pretty amazing, the bag has functioning speakers, a knob to control the volume and a jack to attach your smartphone so you can blast your favourite tunes in style. If we were to get our hands on one, we’d definitely be playing Beyonce or a bit of Prince. We’re not sure how much the catwalk boom box will set you back, but with some Dolce bags costing £4,500, it’s safe to assume the answer is a LOT.