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How To Make Your Own Miu Mius

Take a pair of high street block heels and craft your own designer style shoes with major wow factor.

It was love at first sight when we first clapped eyes on Miu Miu’s new ornate heels embellished with gemstones, pearls, studs, diamantes and the like. And whilst we would LOVE to own a pair ourselves, until we win the Euromillions, we’re not sure we can justify the £850 price tag that comes with them. *Sigh*.

Still, not ones to be defeated, we decided to put our DIY skills to good use and to make our own… And guess what? They look pretty ah-MAZE.

Here’s how you do it: Take a pair of block heels (stilettos won’t hold enough embellishment) – we used a black pair from New Look (£24.99). Next, pop by your local haberdashery store and stock up with a good selection of coloured gems, pearls – even pom pom’s if they’re your thing – and some trusty fabric glue.

Then, start at the heel. Apply the glue to the gems, and NOT the shoes (we did this at first – glue smears on shoes are not a good look), blow for a few seconds to make the glue tacky, then apply to the shoe. Don’t be scared to really go for it – the Miu Miu heels are full on, so apply as much embellishment as you dare for a real wow factor. If you want to be really quirky, you could make each shoe look a little different, or make them matchy matchy for more of a luxe look.

Leave them to dry for at least 24 hours before wearing them (to avoid a trail of gems over a nightclub floor) and voila, there you have it – must have Miu Miu-esque heels for around £35!