Disney Princesses As Vogue Cover Star Divas

Everyone loves a Disney Princess, even if they refuse to admit it, right?

Well. Here’s what happens when the fairytales of wide-eyed Disney beauties meet the world of high fashion, or more accurately, fashion’s bible – Vogue.

We have the incredible talent of fashion illustrator Hayden Williams to thank for this. Sharing these skilled sketches with his Instagram fanbase of over 1 million people, he captioned a flipagram: “Can’t wait to share a brand new #DisneyDivas series i’ve been working on!”

And they’re pretty genius.

Here’s our faves. Because, Disney.


1. Jasmine From Aladdin

Jasmine Disney Princess sketch Hayden Williams Instagram: @hayden_williams – Princess Jasmine



Every cover girl needs some knockout accessories. Jaz hits just the right side of less-is-more with her banging gold gangster hoops and chunky wrist cuffs. A Sultan’s daughter meets Versace Versace Versace.


2. Pocahontas


Disney Pocahontas sketch Hayden Williams Instagram: @hayden_williams – Pocahontas


Totally on trend with her ’70s-style fringing, this raven haired beauty is doing it for the historical chicks. And that colours-of-the-wind hair whip is totally fierce. Represent, girl.


3. Snow White From Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Disney princess snow white sketch hayden williams Instagram: @hayden_williams – Snow White



Minus her male entourage, the fair skinned beauty takes the power stance, accessorising with her poisoned fruit of choice. Or perhaps that’s an Anya Hindmarch apple clutch? Who knows…


4. Elsa And Anna From Frozen

Elsa and Anna Frozen disney sketches hayden williams Instagram: @hayden_williams – Frozen



From Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding cover to Victoria and David Beckham, many a power couple have graced the most coveted page of this monthly glossy. Elsa and Anna are doing it for the females, because who needs a man when you’ve got a kick-ass sis’ to show you that act of true love? Aw. We can feel our hearts thawing…


5. Ariel From The Little Mermaid

Disney Ariel sketch hayden williams Instagram: @hayden_williams – Ariel



We totally crush on a fiesty red head. Legs suit you, miss, and so does that incredible fishtail gown. No pun intended.


And it’s not just these iconic Disney heroins that have undergone the Hayden Williams treatment. Modern day pop culture royalty, the Kardashians, are a firm favourite of this man’s pencil wielding hand, too.

Just check out his Kylie Jenner…

Instagram hayden williams kylie jenner sketch Kylie Jenner wears her famous thigh boots in Hayden’s fashion sketch


All that’s left is to ask: can we be sketched too?

Make sure you give him a follow on Instagram.

By Laura Jane Turner