Disney Princesses Have Been Given A Body Makeover

They have wondrous hair, perfect teeth and glistening bambi eyes. Yes, we’re obviously talking about those beautiful Disney Princesses.

Aside from these picture-perfect traits (well, they are the stuff of fairytale dreams) they’re also known for having signature body proportions. 

We mean, we pretty much love Disney Princesses just the way they are. But one Tumblr user has decided to re-imagine what some of our favourite fairytale friends would look like with all different kinds of shapes and sizes.

And they’re just as beautiful, obviously. Because, every body is beautiful. 

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Anything for a daily dose of Disney magic, eh? 

See the transformations below… 

1. Belle from Beauty And The Beast

The Nameless Doll explained: “I wanted to make a plus size princess (even though +size on Belle looks like medium by real life standards) and chose my all time favourite princess for the test…”

2. Rapunzel from Tangled 

She looks into the mirror to see a “strong, confident, beautiful young lady.”


3. Anastasia 


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4. Arie

Our favourite mermaid has been given an athletic makeover, with toned arms and broader shoulders. 

We’d love to see her compete in the Olympics now. 

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5. Anna from Frozen


And after… 


By Laura Jane Turner