This Is What Disney Princes Look Like As Humans

Oh, Disney.

Every girl wants to be a Princess. And, as part of the deal, they want to be with a Prince. Right?

Ever since these gallant fellas waltzed (sometimes literally) onto our telly screens, our feelings about romance were defined. 

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But did you ever stop and wonder what these Disney heroes would have looked like if you actually met them in real life? (We can dream).

Well. Now all of our prayers have been answered. Thanks to Jirka Väätäinen, a very talented artist, we’ve been given a glimpse at our favourite childhood crushes, as they could be in the flesh. 

And, wow. 

1. Prince Eric




No wonder Ariel wanted to be human. 

2. Hercules 




This divine Greek beefcake certainly looks the part. 

3. Prince Adam 




Don’t remember him? Well that’s because he’s better known as Beast.

And by golly, he makes a good human. 

4. John Smith 




He can invade our land any day. Sorry, Pocahontas. 

5. Prince Charming




The Royal batchellor from Cinderella. 

Where’s our glass slipper at? 

6. Tarzan 




We’d want to stay shacked up in the jungle too, Jane. 

7. Aladdin 




Can we go on a magic carpet ride too?

8. Prince Phillip 




Probably known as the boring one, to be honest. But this chap is pretty good looking. And he did chop his way through all of that ivy. 

Head on over to Jirka’s official website to see more amazing illustrations – including real life Disney Princesses… 

By Laura Jane Turner