Here’s The Girl Who Inspired Alice In Wonderland…

We all know and love the story of Alice In Wonderland. But did you know that it was actually inspired by a REAL little girl?

Yep. it turns out that one of our most-loved Disney movies was based on a 10-year-old English girl called Kathryn Beaumont. 

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But she wasn’t just any old girl. Kathryn had already starred on the big screen in 1948 film On An Island With You, where she caught the eye of the right man – Walt Disney.

From then on, he used her to model the character of Alice on, and the resemblance is uncanny.


As well as Alice taking on Katheryn’s hair and features, she also moved like Kathryn – the famous ‘falling down the rabbit hole’ scene was inspired by the actress jumping off a foot stall. Cool, huh?!

Beaumont went on the voice the character of Alice (obviously), and would also voice the character of Peter Pan‘s Wendy, too. 

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So what happened after she inspired one of the biggest Disney movies of all time? Well, the actress went on to become a secondary school teacher (for 30 years), and was named a ‘Disney Legend’ by the Walt Disney Company in 1998.

Fitting, if you ask us.