Dior’s All Time Most Magical Fashion Moments…

Everything about Christian Dior, his label and his legacy oozes timeless style and elegance – ok, apart from maybe J.Law face-planting at the Oscars in that dreamy gown – and to celebrate Dior & I, the glossy documentary about the legendary French fashion house, hitting cinemas today, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite ever CD moments…



1. The ‘New Look’

Dior’s first collection for his own French fashion house debuted in 1947, and wowed post-war women. Nipped-in waists and voluminous skirts celebrated the female form and cemented Dior’s trademark style.


Vintage Dior Dior’s ‘New Look’.



2. Royal Devotees

The late Princess Margaret championed Dior throughout the 50’s, and the royal love affair continued with another beloved princess becoming a fan – the iconic Lady Dior bag was named in Princess Diana’s honour and continues to be one of Dior’s most coveted creations to this day.


Princess Margaret and Lady Diana Princess Margaret wearing Dior, and Princess Diana attending a Dior party in 1996



3. The Hollywood Screen Sirens

Who didn’t wear Dior back in the day? Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Deitrich, Sophia Loren…the list is endless. The relationship between Dior and Hollywood is still going strong, with many A-listers choosing the label for their red carpet couture, including poster girls Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Portman.


Marlene Dietrich and Natalie Portman Marlene Dietrich and Natalie Portman, both wearing Dior



4. John Galliano’s Reign

Other than Yves Saint Laurent, the other name to famously take the helm at Dior was John Charles Galliano. Love him or hate him, Galliano turned Dior’s haute couture shows into a worldwide fashion event, the likes of which have never been seen before.


John Galliano John Galliano always ended his runway shows with a flourish



5. Show-Stopping Sets

During Galliano’s stint, the catwalk became a spectacle. He famously used runway haute couture to weave stories, creating sumptuous and jaw-dropping shows that wowed the fashion world. This became a signature, with Dior’s shows still drawing gasps from even the most seasoned fashion editors. Google SS’07 Madame Butterfly – you’ll thank us later…


Stills from the SS'07 Show The SS’07 Dior Haute Couture show was legendary



6. Gwen Stefani’s Wedding Dress

One of John Galliano’s crowning moments has to be the pink dip-dye wedding dress he created for Gwen Stefani when she married singer Gavin Rossdale in 2002. Amazing. Just, amazing.


Gwen Stefani at her wedding Gwen Stefani and her Galliano for Dior designed wedding dress



7. The Saddle Bag

Probably THE most sought after bag of the nineties, the Dior Saddle was up there with the Fendi Spy and the Mulberry Roxanne as the only arm candy to be seen with. Every celeb had one. We all wanted one. Sad face.


Beyonce and her Dior Saddle Bag Beyonce carried a silver Dior Saddle Bag



8. Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar Fall.

Hey. If a girl is gonna fall, she may as well do it in a Dior gown….


Jennifer Lawrence wearing Dior JLaw took a famous tumble wearing a Dior gown



9. J’Adore Dior

Charlize Theron has been the ambassador for Dior’s classic fragrance since 2011, and how could we forget THAT advert? That gold dress? Those Amazonian limbs? How many times did we practice breathing J’adore Dior into the mirror…ok, maybe that was just us….


Charlize Theron for Dior Charlize Theron is the ultimate Dior postergirl




10. Rihanna – The Future Face

How excited were we when we found out last week that Ri-Ri is to be the new poster girl for Dior? Pretty darn excited. Joining the likes of Jennifer, Natalie and Marion Cotillard, she’ll star in her own Dior campaign this season…watch this space.

Rihanna for Dior Rihanna has long been a front row fan of Dior

By Amie-Jo Locke