Did You See Ryan Reynolds’ Tweet About Ryan Gosling?!

Ryan Reynolds has got everyone talking (and feeling slightly confused) after his outrageous tweet about Ryan Gosling…

When a fan write that she still couldn’t tell the difference betwen Reynolds and Gosling (well, they do look kind of similar), the 38-year-old decided to set the record straight.

But it was how he did it that was, um, a little out-there…

The husband of Blake Lively replied to the fan by writing: ‘Different hair colours. Ryan Gosling has light BLOND hair. And Ryan Reynolds is a c*nt.’ What?! 

> Ryan Reynolds left fans open-mouthed after tweeting this…


Reynolds does have a tendency to be a bit of a joker, but fans were caught seriously off guard by his tongue-in-cheek comment. And at first glance, we thought he’d dropped the c-word about Gosling! Phew.

‘Oh mY god’, wrote one, whilst another posted underneath: ‘Watch your language!’

Another theory is that Reynolds was simply staying in character, seeing that his latest role sees him playing a foul-mouthed assassin-turned-hero in new comic book film Deadpool… Makes sense. 

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> Is Ryan Gosling a secret bad boy?


It’s the second time a week that Ryan’s come under fire on social media – the actor, who became a dad to baby James back in December, was papped by wife Blake with his daughter strapped to his stomach on Father’s Day. 

‘Since the day our baby was born, I’ve felt so strongly in my heart that you were most likely the father. #ILoveYouSoMuchItsSilly’, she wrote.

But many fellow parents soon attacked the proud papa, accusing him of carrying the six-month-old incorrectly. 

‘Babies aren’t meant to hang perfectly straight with legs dangling’, wrote one. ‘Tthis position puts them at risk for developing hip dysplasia.’

> Ryan Reynolds also came under fire for this picture of him carrying baby James


Another commented: ‘The baby should be higher up and her legs spread out..not straight down.’ 

‘Poor baby looks so uncomfortable and unsafe,’ someone else chimed in. ‘Please have hot hubby read the instruction manual.’

Eesh! A little harsh – he’s learning! Still, we recommend maybe toning down those tweets for a bit… Otherwise we’ll be buying you a swear jar.

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> Ryan Reynolds and wife Blake Lively are both big on posting on Instagram