Did Kim Kardashian’s Make-Up Artist Just Diss Contouring?

Kim Kardashian‘s perfectly oval face, chiselled cheekbone hollows and straight, symmetrical nose really is a thing of wonder. But while part of it is down to those gorgeous Kardashian genes, the other half is purely down to some clever contouring.

Make-up artist Rob Scheppy is one of the men responsible for creating Kim’s contoured face, and in a new interview with The Cut, he reveals some surprising opinions on the make-up craze that’s swept the globe.

When asked about the critics who claim that Kim’s face can sometimes look like a mask, Rob replied: ‘I don’t disagree with them.’ Hang on, say what?!

kim kardashian with brown hair selfie Kim Kardashian uses contouring on a daily basis, for day appearances and nights out


He explained: ‘There’s a time and place for it. If I’m doing a photo shoot where the lighting is controlled, you have more freedom to do looks that are not going to look good on the street.’

‘On the street, people are less forgiving because there’s also this idea that natural is beautiful — which it is — but for girls who love makeup, it’s hard for them to find that place in that situation.’

Rob added: ‘If you can rock it, and you want to do it, then do it. And be proud of it!’

So it looks like even the contouring maestro himself has his reservations about the popular make-up trick – we’d recommend saving extreme contouring for nights out or dimly lit dates. But he still agrees it’s a fab tool for experimenting with your look.

kim kardashian contouring tips instagram Kim Kardashian has been contouring her face for years, and the make-up craze has now swept the globe


‘It’s fun’, Rob said. ‘It’s definitely an alternative to other things, like surgery, because you can wash it off. Not that I’m against surgery. It’s an easy way to create, define, and enhance your features. You really need to be able to blend well and have good brushes.’

Scheppy then offered up his advice about the contouring tricks for 2015. And they’re good. ‘Start off with [what] your skin tone is. Then you define, contour, enhance, and highlight’, he said.

‘The contour would be a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone. The highlight shade would be a shade or two lighter so you’re creating that depth in the space. Then it’s the art of the blending it together so it graduates — or has an ombré effect, where it goes from light to dark but looks seamless. It should look really smooth and blended, not like there are chunks of lines everywhere.’ 

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