Did Jennifer Lawrence Just Have An Epic Make-Up Fail?

Jennifer Lawrence is a pro at the red carpet these days, and always boasts a simple yet elegant beauty look to match her gowns. But it hasn’t always been this way.

In a brand new deleted scene from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, we see the actress being given the worst make-over of her career to date. 

We’ve all had our fair share of make-up disasters – ’90s baby blue eyeshadow and frosted lippy, anyone? – but in this clip, Jen’s really is next level atrocious.

As Katniss Everdeen is prepped for her big stage appearance, we see two clueless make-up artists getting to work on her face by giving her dollops of neon pink rouge and strokes of crumbling black eyeliner. Not so chic.

Thankfully, adopted auntie Effie Trinket, played by Elizabeth Banks, soon steps in to break up the beauty massacre.

‘Stop! What are you savages doing?!’ she’s heard saying. ‘This is the face of a revolution! Not some cave painting!’

‘Scoot!’ she adds, before shouting: ‘Have you even ever met rouge?’ 

After a quick wipe, Jen’s face was returned to its original gorgeousness. Phew. Not a beauty faux pas we ever imagine her experiencing in real life, but still pretty funny to watch. See it below.