Did Beyoncé Borrow Solange’s Look For Date Night?

Photos: Rex

Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you don’t borrow your sister’s clothes – just think of Kendall wearing Kim’s shoes the other day. And apparently the Kardashians are not the only family who like to steal each other’s style when the time calls.

Beyoncé and Jay Z headed out for dinner in New York City last night both looking seriously swish. For a night away from little Blue Ivy, the two took themselves on the town for a romantic date and certainly both dressed for the occasion!

Jay Z wore grey-wash jeans, his trademark Timberland boots and a shearling coat. Beyoncé meanwhile plumped for a bright pink trousersuit which looks suspiciously similar to a Gucci suit sister Solange opted for back in June.

Although the tailoring on the suit does look slightly different – Solange has plumped for a skinnier fit on the leg and has rolled the arms up – it certainly seems like Beyoncé took some inspiration from her little sis when she chose what to wear on this Christmassy night.

While Solange accessorised with a green clutch, gold strappy sandals and kept it bare underneath, Beyoncé tried out some black patent stilettos and a monochrome, patterned t-shirt. Tying back her famous curls into a chic low ponytail and showing off her chunky gold hoops, Beyoncé looked like absolute perfection for her night with Jay!

We wonder what the famous couple have bought their little daughter for Christmas. If they are anything like their famous friends Kanye and Kim, then little Blue is in for a serious treat. Kanye is rumoured to have splurged on mini SUV and a diamond tiara for his little princess’ second Christmas so we wonder what will be in store for the other famous toddler.

By Amy de Klerk