Denise Van Outen On Party Dressing And Her Wildest Night Out

The TV presenter gives us her styling tips ahead of the party season...

Denise van Outen is a total pro on the red carpet, so it’s no surprise that she’s also a bit of an expert when it comes to dressing for the party season.

The 42-year-old – who’s currently fronting Matalan Presents: The Show – is already gearing up for winter (because Christmas is coming, people!).

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So what should we be wearing for the office bash? Well, she tells LOOK: ‘A little black dress you can’t go wrong with.

‘[Matalan’s] leopard-print coat definitely will be dragged around to all Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve.

‘I think sometimes it’s just better to wear something plain and black and then dress it up with jewellery. It’ll see you through as well. Like a jumpsuit you can wear in the day as well.’

So Denise knows what to wear on the dance floor. But what does the mum-of-one really get up to on a night out?

She continues: ‘I’ve got a lot of nutty friends, but I think I normally outlast all of them. I’m always the last to go to bed.

‘I’ve had a few mad nights out. The best place for a mad night out to go to is The Box in London. You sort of go in and you get lost.

professor green

Denise van Outen had a wild night out with Professor Green

‘I had quite a mad night there with Professor Green and all his friends, so that was quite fun. It was quite messy. It was really good and they’re really good company. I’m still friends with all his friends, it’s lovely.’

And has she ever had a major party dressing faux pas? She’s only human, after all.

Denise says: ‘It’s not really so much a fashion faux pas. At the time the outfit was quite cool, it’s just that I kind of got stuck in it.

Denise van Outen

Denise van Outen had a bit of an issue with this Brit Awards number

‘I wore a blue rubber dress to the Brit Awards in 1998 and it was all over the internet – and I couldn’t get out of the dress at the end of the night.

‘Basically, the seamstress fitted it to me, and then I went home and was on my own and was trying to get out of this blue rubber dress having sweated in it all night. So in the end I just had to get the scissors and cut through.’

LOLz. Oh, Denise. We’ve all been there…