Deliciously Stella – The Account You Need To Follow Now

Don’t get us wrong, we love our quinoa-filled Instagram feeds, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the new Instagram account sweeping the internet, Deliciously Stella, which mocks clean eating-obsessed social media users. Comedian Bella Younger now has over 56,000 followers where she shares hilarious posts of her not-so-wholesome food habits.

If you’re getting a little sick of your #cleanliving friends and their addiction to spiralisers and almond milk, then this is the account for you. Instead of a Nutribullet, Bella has a deep fat fryer and instead of a green juice, she likes to keep a bottle of gin at the bottom of her bag. The tongue-in-cheek account has been sweeping the internet and we can certainly see why. Here are some of our fave posts:

1. “People are always asking me for the best way to cut carbs and I always tell them my top tip – is a bread knife.”

> “With practice, I’ve found cutting carbs is second nature.”

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2. “I’ve decided to perk myself up with a nourishing blue juice.”

> “The sugar and electrolytes are a great way to start the day!”

3. “I’ve been working so hard on my crunchies recently.”

> Bella also shares her exercise regime.

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4. Foraging for fresh blackberries…in the pic n mix stand.

> The kind of fruit we can get on board with.

5. Replace coconut oil with delicious affordable lard!

 > Bella finds a way to deal with your difficult #cleaneating pals.

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6. Finding the perfect alternatives to pasta…

> “Make sure they’re locally sourced from the supermarket.”

Don’t forget to follow @DeliciouslyStella to be constantly updated on Bella’s fab abs and green juice tips. Eating clean here we come!

By Amy de Klerk