This Deleted Scene From The Devil Wears Prada Changes Everything

Devil Wears Prada devotees are OUTRAGED

It may have been eleven years since Miranda Priestly and Andy first graced our screens in the offices of Runway magazine, but The Devil Wears Prada still remains one of our all-time favourite films.

The film wouldn’t have been what it is without Miranda’s icy character and her mission to make Andy’s life living hell. However, if this new deleted scene is anything to go by, it could have been a very different story. In a clip leaked by Buzzfeed’s Spencer Althouse via Twitter we see Miranda Priestly in a whole new light.

The extended scene takes place after Andy (Anne Hathaway) is asked to attend an industry party with nasty colleague Emily (Emily Blunt) where the two of them are tasked with reminding Miranda (Meryl Streep) of the names of guests. In the original film the rather uneventful scene sees Andy swooping in to help Emily when she forgets the name of a guest.

However, in the extended version we see Miranda battling with her idiot of a husband, and Andy saving the day as she distracts an important guest from the scene Miranda’s husband has created.

Take a look below:

Yep, our minds are blown.

Not only does the addition of seeing her husband expose Miranda’s vulnerability (and maybe slightly explain her terrible behavior), the scene ends with her actually thanking Andy for her help – something that doesn’t happen at any other point in the film.

Naturally, the internet has gone wild over this game-changing clip.

‘Miranda is a whole different person in this clip. Completely SHOCKED’, one wrote, while another handily pointed out that ‘Thank You does not exist in Miranda Priestly’s vocabulary!’

The general consensus among fans was that it was a good job they left the scene out. ‘Would have changed the entire movie – ruined her whole persona,’ one person tweeted.