David Beckham Uses Harper As His Personal Stylist

David Beckham has just revealed what we always knew about daughter Harper – that she’s a tiny fashionista in the making.

The former footballer has just unveiled his cool new collection for Belstaff, which he launched in New York this week.

And when he hopped onto ITV’s Lorraine’s couch for a chat, the 40-year-old dad-of-four spilled about Harper’s natural penchant for styling. In fact, she’s responsible for most of daddy’s sartorial choices. Oh, this is too much…

‘She’ll come in and she’ll want to put my belt on or she’ll want to dress me or she’ll say “Daddy wear these shoes with that”, it’s amazing actually’, he said on the morning show.

And it seems the three-year-old is just as savvy (although a little more indecisive) when it comes to her own fashion picks.

‘It’ll take (Harper) a good 20 minutes to decide what to wear and then she’ll change her mind… I’m not used to that’, he continued. ‘We’ve obviously got three boys that kind of just stick on anything and they’re happy. Apart from the middle one, Romeo is a bit more selective but with Harper, she changes her mind all the time.’

Sounds like a girl after our own heart. After all, these things don’t happen in minutes do they ladies? 

Conversation soon veered towards some of Becks’ more questionable outfits over the years. Can’t think what we’re talking about? Come on. It’s obviously that 1998 sarong. Any regrets?

‘Sarongs are great’, David said. ‘That’s one thing I never regret because I thought it looked great and I would still wear it now.’ We admire your unfaltering dedication to the man skirt, DB.

By Robyn Munson