David Beckham Just Proved He CAN Take A Bad Selfie

David Beckham is one of the most beautiful creates on this planet. But can he take a bad selfie?

Since joining Instagram earlier this month, the former England captain has been getting busy flaunting his beautiful face with a variety of hot, brooding selfies (as well as plenty of cute picures of Victoria and the kids).

But it turns out even the hunkiest of former footballers can look less than gorgeous in a selfie, as put to the test by US chat show host Jimmy Kimmel.

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> David Beckham sits down for a glass of whisky with Jimmy Kimmel in a new skit


In a hilarious new skit in honour of World Whisky Day called ‘3 Ridiculous Questions With David Beckham’, Jimmy sat down with the dad-of-four at his bar to share a glass of HAIG CLUB Single Grown Scotch Whisky to ask the three questions we’ve all been dying to know – What fruit could he kick the furthest? What’s his favourite spice? And is he even capable of taking an ugly selfie?

First up, the fruit. ‘Possibly a grapefruit’, Becks decided. ‘I mean, I’m thinking a coconut is a bit hard. Grape, too small. Watermelon, too big. As long as it doesn’t explode, grapefruit.’ 

Favourite spice?  ‘Posh’, he replied. GOOD ANSWER. ‘I was going to say cinnamon, but posh is a lot better.’ 

> David Beckham has mastered the art of the selfie since joining Instagram


And as for that selfie? ‘Do you think you’re capable of taking an ugly selfie?’ Jimmy asked. ‘No’, Becks replied before breaking out into a chuckle. He added: ‘Of course I do, yes.’

And guess what? HE WAS RIGHT. Putting him to the test, Jimmy hands his iPhone to David , who proceeds to pull an enthusiastic grimace at the camera. LOLs. Nice effort, DB.

‘It’s pretty ugly, turns out it is possible’, Kimmel decides.

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> David Beckham’s attempt at an ugly selfie. Still quite fit though, no?


Ugly selfies aside, David recently made our hearts melt when he shared a touching moment of him and Harper on Instagram (he’s totally getting the hand of this thing.)

‘Harpers not the only princess in the house’, Becks wrote alongside a snap of him rocking a black beanie and a white tee as his daughter delicately places a dangly earring into his ear.

Just too much cuteness.

Watch the LOL-worthy video below!

> David Beckham lets Harper dress him up as a princess on Instagram