David Beckham Is (Surprisingly) More Stylish Than Victoria

David Beckham may be in the doghouse today, because he’s only gone and beaten wife Victoria Beckham in the style stakes. 

Now, we’re SURE they’re not a competitive couple in any way shape or form, but we have to admit that even we were surprised to hear that the former footballing legend had pipped his stylish designer wife to the post in the Most Fashionable Brits poll.

david beckham in denim shirt and white t-shirt and cap Whether dressed up or dressed down, David never fails to look stylish


David came in at number three in the Samsung Galaxy S6-sponsered survey of 2000, while Victoria, despite now being one of the world’s most successful designers, came in at number nine. 

david and victoria beckham on red carpet Who would have thought a former footballer would beat his fashion designer wife in the style stakes?!


To give Becks credit where it’s deserves, he is one of the best dresses dads in showbiz – whether he’s working off-duty sweats and a beanie, his signature Saturday morning denim or dappering up in a tux, he’s always impeccably styled.

But then again, he did say wife Victoria basically dresses him every morning

victoria beckham in black mcqueen gown Victoria Beckham was voted ninth most stylish Brit in the poll


So who beat the world’s most beautiful couple to the top spot? Well, silver screen siren Audrey Hepburn, actually, who was voted Britain’s number one style icon with over 25% of the vote.

Princess Diana came in at number two, followed by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who came fourth closely followed by Twiggy. 

kate middleton in white coat Kate Middleton also made it into the top ten for her elegant and classic style


In fact, all of the royals did well, with Queen Elizabeth herself stealing sixth place (see our 5 Unexpected Style Lessons We Learnt From The Queen for why this is so true).

Another surprise was Kate Moss, who only just made it into the top ten at number ten, despite reigning supreme over the modelling world throughout the ’90s.

queen elizabeth in colour block coats and hats We’re totally feeling the Queen’s style too…


Oh, and one other thing. 37 was voted as the most stylish age for men and it was age 36 for women, which gives us all hope for the future.

kate moss in fur gilet and jeans Kate Moss came in at tenth place in the Samsung-sponsored style poll