Why David Beckham Stepped Down From Victoria’s Fashion Empire

UPDATE 29/3/16: David and Victoria’s companies are now officially independent from one another.

Yep, while the pair continue to live a happy marriage, documents obtained by RadarOnline show that David stepped down as a director of VB’s fashion label in December 2014.

The former footballer had served in the role for six years and a spokesperson for the family says the move came in a bid to clear accounting issues.

‘David and Victoria’s respective businesses have grown strongly in a short space of time.

‘They are different businesses – DVBL is a licencing and partnership business, VBL is a luxury, fashion brand – and it makes little commecial sense for them to continue to be merged together and report combined figures.’

Phewwww, so our fave couple definitely aren’t having relationship troubles. 

And just to reassure you, said spokesperson added: ‘Both David and Victoria are directors of BBHL, the holding company, and participate together in quarterly board meetings.’

Still not convinced? Carry on reading to see what Dave did for his wifey a few weeks back…








14/3/16: Victoria Beckham might run one of the most successful fashion empire’s in the UK, but did you know that hubby David reportedly had to bail her out? 

According to The Sun, VB and her fashion label were left with a £3.8million deficit in 2014, despite her fashionable wares making a hugely impressive turnover of £34 million.  



And as a result, David reportedly stepped in to lend a hand, and ended up giving his wife £5.2 million to help get back on track.  

It’s thought that Victoria spent around £2.8 million on setting up her Dover Street store in London, which boasts three floors and costs her a whopping £650,000 a year to rent. 



The transaction between Becks and VB has been described as ‘a transfer of operations between companies owned by Victoria and David’. 

The Director’s Report, seen by The Mirror, reportedly stated: ‘As part of the corporate restructuring planned last year, the company is now focused purely on the Victoria Beckham fashion business and the Victoria Beckham brand. 



‘As such, the contracts held by the company relating to the David Beckham brand were transferred during the year to DB Ventures Ltd, a sister company of David Beckham Brand Holdings Ltd which is focused on exploiting the David Beckham brand.’

Aw. Yet more proof that the Beckhams are not only a dream team in life, but also in business…