Date Night Ideas: 7 Things To Try This Weekend

From being together forever to treading those tentative Tinder waters, organizing a date night with your fella can quickly turn from something super fun into a major ball of stress.

How many times have you asked the object of your affections what he/she would like to do tonight, only to be met with that dismissive ‘I don’t mind shrug’ that (he knows) drives you bonkers.

Or, you’ve worked up the courage to send that *oh my god* first date WhatsApp, and the textual reply reads something like, ‘Well, what do you wanna do?’ Ugh. It’s infuriating. So ladies, we’re encouraging you to take the bull by the horns here and get your assertive caps on. We’ve come up with some pretty whopper date night ideas for you to try. Let us know what you think….


1. Cook

Wait, before you call ‘lame’ on that suggestion, hear us out. Obviously we’re not making the assumption that women are traditionally the ones to fix a good meal (although, we’ll take the compliment), and we do understand that rustling up a three-course culinary feast in a shared flat with your housemate playing X-Box on the couch isn’t really ideal. However, inviting the date over and cooking TOGETHER is a great ice breaker if you are newbies, and a fab way of reconnecting with your long-term if you cohabitate. Opt for something spicy and shareable like Mexican food – getting your fingers dirty is all part of the fun.>

*try not to get too territorial ladies*

2. Outdoor Movies

Now that the weather is warmer plenty of outdoor spaces such as office block rooftops, car parks and local greens are offering a summer outdoor movie programme. There are even areas staging the ultimate American date night event, the Drive-In. Keep your eyes peeled for any themed marathon evenings where a few movies might be screened in one night, giving you the maximum amount of time to snuggle up to your date under the stars.


3. A Bike Ride

An evening cycle ride (esp during magic hour, how romantic) is a surefire way to get the heart racing. Not only will your endorphins be running riot but also it’ll give you the chance to show a new date all your ‘hood haunts if you are planning a local route. Plus, perfect excuse to try that cute new restaurant along the way…


4. Board Games Night

Okay, we know. But sometimes the weather just doesn’t play ball and all the plans you’ve made can be shattered in one swipe of that cursed iPhone weather app. Now, Scrabble may not sound strictly sexy, but believe us when we say a healthy dose of competition can be. Hungry Hippos anyone?


5. A Picnic In The Park

Bit clichéd we know, but a leisurely dining experience al fresco when the weather is fine is nothing short of divine. Pick your park wisely (you don’t want to surrounded by a mob of gobby teenagers once the sun has gone down), and make sure you bring plenty of yummy treats. Create a playlist to enjoy together once the last cheese straw has been eaten (hastily brushing away the crumbs).


6. A Night At The Races

A bit more of a pricey date, but a fun one all the same. Lots of courses throughout the UK offer later race schedules in the summer months, and it’s a great excuse to get dolled up and dapper with a date. In fact, why not check out some of our favourite race dresses to look great for the occasion.


7. A Speakeasy Night

Themed nights and bars are a really fun way to inject a bit of vintage glamour into your existing relationship, or impress a new one with your impressive club knowledge. Dressing up in a ‘20s style and learning the Charleston may seem a little daunting at first, but rest assured that everyone else at the club will probably feeling just as silly as you so just go with it. You’ll be getting your Gatsby on before you know it.