You’ll Want To Hit The Gym In Boohoo’s New Buys

Boohoo FIT

With many new year’s resolutions already broken (don’t tell anyone), we’ve hit that time of year when it’s difficult to summon up the energy to do anything but binge-watch Netflix. But fear not, for there’s one major source of inspo set to banish your January blues, courtesy of the online fashion behemoth that is Boohoo.

Having launched its FIT range last year, the brand has just unveiled a new campaign star to front its vibrant new collection, dancer and fitness guru (not to mention BFF to Jade from Little Mix) Danielle Peazer. As a former X-Factor dancer with over 1.1 million followers on Instagram and her very own YouTube channel, this lady certainly knows her stuff when it comes to working out and looking great. 

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With twist-front crop tops, sporty mesh tees, jersey shorts, wrap tops, printed leggings and slouchy trousers, this little lot will look as good out of the gym as it will during your workout. but don’t take our word for it; we caught up with Danielle to talk gym kits, fitness tips and break-ups…

Congratulations on being the new face of the Boohoo collection- can you tell us how it came about?
I’m a genuine fan of Boohoo anyway so when they were looking at the new FIT range, they asked if I wanted to be involved which just seemed a natural fit. We started talking in May/June 2015 and I shot the first campaign in Australia, which was unreal. I’d never been to Australia before so to go, and for work, was amazing. Boohoo’s a great brand- it’s fast, affordable fashion which is what most people want these days. It’s nice to be able to splurge on the odd luxury but most of us are looking for that affordable high street, on trend stuff so I thought it was definitely something I wanted to be involved in.

What is it you love about the collection? 
I think it’s a lot more difficult than people think to find good fitness wear. You’re going to sweat in it so you don’t want to spend loads of money but at the same time it does need to be comfortable so the quality has to be really good. I think that Boohoo has found that balance. They don’t scrimp on the materials they use- cheap materials can be really itchy and it’s not ideal if you’re wanting to do a good session in the gym. I love some of the prints on the leggings and there’s some really pretty crop tops with cut-outs. Something like that is so simple but they look really pretty on. I’m definitely going to be sending an email for those crop tops!

> From cool crops to printed leggings, Boohoo has everything you need to hit the gym in style


Are there different pieces you would wear for different work outs?
I would wear the shorts for running because they’re not so tight fitting, so are more comfortable if you’re going for a jog. The crop tops and leggings would be great if you’re doing a yoga class or something like that. But they don’t say you have to do that- I think it really depends on the classes you do. 

Would you have any tips for anyone who’s finding it difficult to get back in the gym after Christmas?
What I would say is be realistic. Don’t all of a sudden turn into a complete gym freak and set out that you’re going to go six times a week when that’s not in your routine. Start low and build up, even if it’s once of twice a week. As your fitness improves, you’ll be able to take more.

Are there any new fitness classes you’re planning to take in 2016?
Yeah, I really want to try barrecore, mainly because I saw that all the VS Angels do it. I’m not going to lie but it really works for them… I’m not really one for the high energy. I’ve never done a spinning class because I think I would probably be the person who would cry after ten minutes. Some of my friends do it and they’re like ‘it’s so good for you!’ I’m sure it is but I’ll just do some squats at home! But yeah, I’m looking to do barrecorre and maybe pilates. Something to lengthen and make my legs lean and VS Angel like. That’s the dream. Turn me into Kendall or Gigi and I’ll be happy!

How often do you train at the moment?
It varies week to week. If I’m doing a lot of dancing then I won’t feel like I have to do anything else. If not, I’m a naturally active person anyway. I like to walk a lot and I naturally walk quite quickly- when I’m with my mum she hates it! I try and do bits at home if I’m not doing hours in the gym. If I’m being a bit sluggish, even in my living room or bedroom I’ll do a 10-15 minute workout on different parts of the body each time, rather than covering the whole body. I find I’m better at short sharp bursts rather than trying to slog it out for an hour or two.

So if you’re having a really busy day but want to fit something in, is that what you would do? A quick 20 mins?
Yeah, if I feel like I really want to get something done I’d probably do about 20 minutes and cover the whole body. If I feel like I haven’t done much recently, I will try and do a bit of everything. Kind of a body blitz.

What would you say is your favourite exercise?
I would say probably squats because I always know what I’m going to achieve. You can also do a lot of variation, like jump squats, pulses, so it doesn’t get too boring. You want to try and keep it as interesting as possible if you’re almost killing yourself!

Do you have a least favourite?
Yeah, I don’t enjoy doing ab work. So in some of my YouTube videos where I’m doing the plank or other ab stuff, I’m really doing it through gritted teeth. I know it’s important to have a strong core but I just don’t really enjoy it. 

You have a huge social media following- do you have any sources of inspiration? Are there any accounts you follow for tips?
I enjoy looking at different fitness accounts because they give really good tips and tricks that I didn’t know- I’m still learning about the whole fitness world so it’s always nice to find out what other people do. There are so many accounts now. I think it’s good to be able to learn from different accounts and stuff. I’m not a know-it-all so I want to learn.

What’s the best tip you’ve had about fitness?
I think I’ve been given a lot of good ones. I would reiterate what I said earlier about being realistic and setting your own goals. Someone once said that to me and I’ve carried that on. Also persistence is key- I know it’s the most frustrating thing but it is true. Sometimes if I can’t see the changes I want in my body after a week, I feel like I’m just going to order Dominoes. But I think anyone who knows their stuff about fitness will say it’s just going to take time, it won’t happen overnight. Everything in life is so instant now that when something takes time to happen- even with online shopping, if it takes more than 3 days it’s annoying- it’s frustrating. You just need to persevere. 

Do you have an ultimate treat on your indulgent days?
I do have a sweet tooth. We’ve got a chocolate cupboard in our flat, which is nice but really bad! I’m also really partial to Dominoes takeaway. Pepperoni passion from Dominoes- I mean, you make my week sometimes. I definitely think it’s important to have those sort of days. Treat yourself- in moderation obviously.

You’re a dancer- would you have any tips for anyone who wanted to incorporate dance into their workout?
I think there are loads of great classes. Either at a gym or a dance studio or online. Some of the workouts I’ve done for Icon UK, which is a multichannel network, are dance based. So it’ll be hip hop or… it’s different kinds of music and it’s dance based. I get really great feedback from those videos- one has had half a million views so I know they’re popular and I think for people who aren’t as hardcore into their fitness, a dance based workout is a good alternative.

Do you prefer working out on your own or with someone?
I really enjoy doing stuff in a group. I think a) it’s social so you’re kind of killing two birds with one stone and b) you can push each other. Each of you will have your weak points so you can encourage each other. I’m all for group workouts- whether it’s one on one or a bigger group. I think it’s the way forward.

> Mesh tees, leopard print and sporty vests are some of the highlights of Boohoo’s new FIT collection


Your YouTube channel is going really well- have you ever thought about getting any celebs involved and training with them?
It’s definitely something I’ve thought about. One of my best friends is Jade from Little Mix- we actually live together so we had a bit of a chat about maybe doing something. She’s got a ridiculous tour going on this year so she’s looking to build up a bit of her stamina for that, so we might go to the gym and work out together. I don’t know if it’ll be filmed for YouTube- TBC- but maybe it’ll be something that would be good in the future. I’d love to film some bits with some other celebrities- I think it would be really fun and also just to show that they’re real people. They struggle with their workouts too- they have this façade of always looking perfect but it’s good to see the other side of that. Especially for younger fans, to see the struggle of fitness from the people they look up to.

Do you hang out with the Little Mix girls a lot?
Yeah, I’ve never worked with the girls or danced for them so it’s always been a friendship rather than work. Last year I went away with Jade and Leanne on a girls holiday to Marbella. And so when the girls have had their album party and things like that I’ll go and support them. And I’ll absolutely be at the tour in my Little Mix t-shirt. They’re all lovely girls so it’s always nice to see them.

You’ve done some Q+A sessions on your YouTube channel and give some really good advice. What advice would you give our readers if they’re struggling to stick to their new year’s resolutions?
I would say maybe re-analyse it. Find out, maybe write down some of the things you can cut down so it’s easier to stick to. It’s going back to being realistic; make a list of the top priorities within your resolutions and focus on those. And then as the year goes on maybe build the other things into your resolutions so you don’t go on Jan 1st full throttle into 20 things. Start with the most important and then try and build up.

And what would your advice be to someone going through a break-up?
Friends and family are key. I know from experience friends and family have definitely helped me through some not so great times. So I think keeping busy, spending time with friends and family and focusing on what makes you happy is the answer. If you’ve gone from being in a relationship to being single, it’s all about you again which actually is quite a nice thing. You can almost be a bit selfish and focus on yourself again. Do things that make you happy.

What advice would you give to someone who’s going through a body confidence crisis?
I think that everyone has body confidence issues. Most women do, anyway. First of all I think it’s important to remember that the girls you look at in magazines or on Instagram, all have issues too. Nobody’s perfect. It’s easy to look at people and think ‘she’s so perfect, why don’t I look like her?’ But I think it’s important to focus on your good points. Don’t focus on the negative aspects, focus on the good bits and lift yourself up by bigging yourself up. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your good bits!

Apart from your Boohoo campaign, is there anything exciting coming up in 2016 that you can share with us?
There is something super exciting that is coming up at the end of January. It may be beauty related… I’ve got this bubble in my head filled with people saying ‘don’t say anything!’ but Look can be the first to know, as soon as I’m allowed to tell you! I definitely think that Look readers will be interested. I’m trying to cover everything- a bit of fitness, a bit of fashion and a bit of beauty. 2016 will hopefully be a busy year.

The new collection is out now and available here