The AWFUL Thing Dry Shampoo Is Doing To Your Hair

Ask any girl what her beauty essentials are, and you’ll get roughly the same answer. Foundation, check. Mascara, check. Dry shampoo, double check! Yep, dry shampoo as worked its way onto the vanity units and the bathroom cabinets of most women, thanks mainly in part to its grease-busting, texture-enhancing superpowers.

We’ve all been there – you’re lying in bed fully aware that you should have got up 20 minutes ago to wash your hair but, with the knowledge you’ve got a can of dry shampoo in your beauty bag, you’ve allowed yourself a cheeky long lie. There’s nothing better, right?

Now, that blissful illusion is shattered, as it’s now been revealed the awful and unthinkable things dry shampoo could be doing to your hair. Read on, if you dare…


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‘We’ve all had that moment when we haven’t washed our hair for a few days, and it looks good, so I think that’s where this belief that you shouldn’t wash your hair every day came from,’ reveals Francesca Fusco, MD, a dermatologist who works for Clear Scalp & Hair. 

However, Fusco has shed some light on this old wives tale, and says we should be doing the exact opposite. ‘When you’re cleansing, you’re removing dead skin, germs, and bacteria. You’re exfoliating your scalp, and it’s healthier when you exfoliate. When you’re using dry shampoo every day, it builds up, and it eventually dulls the hair.’

Backed up by actual hairdressers who are trying to get their clients to kick their dry shampoo obsession, it’s been proven that using excessive amounts of dry shampoo on your hair (especially the newest strands at your roots) will dull the pigment of your tresses beyond repair. Meaning, when they grow farther, your hair will look bleakly matte.


WARNING: If you’re squeamish, you may want to stop reading.

Another side effect of using dry shampoo on a frequent basis is that it dries out your scalp causing dandruff and creating the optimum conditions for hair lice to thrive. That’s right, lice LOVE dry shampoo as it gives them an easy-to-roam terrain. GROSS.

Obviously we’re not going to stop using our fave dry shampoo, but next time you’re laying in bed thinking about skipping another wash day, you might think wanna think twice about piling on the powder…