Dakota Johnson joins Instagram!

Dakota Johnson Joins Instagram: What Did She Post First?

Remember when everyone got MEGA excited because Dakota Johnson joined Instagram back in June? Yeh, well she didn’t.

Instead, @IAmDakotaJohnson was just an imposter fan, who actually did a pretty good job of convincing everyone that she was the real deal. But now it’s time to don those party hats once again, as Dakota has actually joined for reals. YAY.

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> Make-up artist Pati Dubroff introduced Dakota’s new Instagram handle with this picture…


The Fifty Shades Of Grey star made her debut yesterday, and celebrity make-up artist Pati Dubroff kindly pointed everyone in the direction of Dakota’s new account (@dakotajohnson).

‘Welcome to Instagram @dakotajohnson FINALLY!!!’, she wrote next to a pouty snap of the actress.

It’s a welcome addition to club Instagram, especially as the star was reportedly ordered to stay away from social media around the time of 50 Shades to protect herself. But it seems that, along with the rest of us, she simply couldn’t resist. 

> Yep, *this* was Dakota’s first ever Insta-snap… LOL


So what was Dakota’s debut post? A glamorous behind-the-scenes snap from a shoot? A moody black-and-white shot of her in some trendy New York apartment? Well, er, not quite.

In her signature kooky style, the A-lister actually shared a sweaty photo of her in the gym cuddling up to a punching back. Oh. 

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> Dakota also shared her extensive record collection with her fans


‘Cuddling’, she captioned it.

Barely-there make-up, a scruffy ponytail and a casual sweatshirt – it’s probably the most unglamorous Instagram debut ever, but that’s exactly why we love her. 

Clearly getting into the Instagram swing of things, Dakota then followed up with a picture of her cool record collection, featuring the likes of Patti Smith, Bob Dylan and Miles Davis, captioned: ‘My friends.’

> Will you be following Dakota?


Of course, Johnson’s already racked up nearly 100,000 followers, despite only having so far only shared two pictures.

We have a feeling this is going to be one of our new fave celeb accounts to follow. Because we can always rely on Dakota for a LOL…