Has Dakota Johnson Turned Against Hollywood?

Best known for playing Anastasia Steele in the first installment of Fifty Shades Of Grey, Dakota Johnson has built a pretty big name for herself in Tinseltown. But apparently she’s not afraid to unveil the industry for what it really is.

Yep, in her most recent interview with Vogue, Dakota calls out the brains behind hit movies akin with Fifty Shades for being ageist, using her 58-year-old mother Melanie Griffith and 85-year-old grandmother Tippi Hedren as evidence.

“Why isn’t my mother in movies? She’s an extraordinary actress! Why isn’t my grandmother in movies? This industry is f*cking brutal,” she said.



> Dakota Johnson fronts the February edition of Vogue


Apparently Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher is in a similar boat, too.

Taking to Twitter, the 59-year-old slammed critics for questioning her role as an older Princess Leia in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


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“Please stop debating about whether or not I have aged well. Unfortunately it hurts all 3 of my feelings. My body hasn’t aged as well as I have. Blow us.”


> Carrie Fisher found herself subject to criticism for being re-cast as an older Princess Leia








Dakota added: “No matter how tough you are, sometimes there’s the feeling of not being wanted. It’s absurd and cut-throat. Whenever I have downtime, I’m unsure that I will ever work again. I don’t know what it is, but it’s a definite thing that happens to me.”

For the time being, though, there’s one thing in particular that Dakota feels has served to cement her status…

“I’m proud of Fifty Shades of Grey. I don’t need to distance myself from that. The more work I do, the more the general public sees the different things I can do. Do I think it opened doors? Yeah. More people know my name.”

Quite rightly too!

What do you think? Is ageism justified?