Would You Wear Culeans?

Part culotte, part jean; 2017’s most-talked about denim trend is definitely an opinion-divider…

Designers have sure got their work cut out for them these days. As fashions become increasingly faster, our wardrobe purveyors go head-to-head to conjure up new trends, as if by magic, to fuel the shopping circle of life, which means we see wackier pieces reach peak style status (Vetements’ DHL tee being a prime example).

Actually, it’s hard not to think we’re on the receiving end of some big, Truman Show-style conspiracy- an inside joke we’re not privy to- schemed to see what the style set will inevitably dare to wear next. Now, it’s a piece we’ve affectionately christened the ‘culean’. The brainchild of Ukrainian designer Ksenia Schnaider, her slashed at the knee jeans, which boast a volumised, culotte thigh offset with a tapered calf, have been a firm fixture on the Fashion Month circuit. The big question is, will you follow suit?

Sarah Barlow, Acting Stylist says: I’m Down

‘I’ve always been a fan of layering and these jeans basically have done all the hard work and creative thinking for me- genius! Far-fetched they may be, but seeing as pretty much every man/woman/kid/human owns a pair of denims nowadays, these will take your outfit one step further. Never has the ‘simple’ jeans-and-tee-combo looked so fun.

Maxine Eggenberger, Fashion News & Commercial Content Editor says: Girl, Pu-lease

‘I’m all for road-testing new trends- heck, I wouldn’t have a job without them- but these blues just don’t do it for me. Mainly because my 5’ 4” frame would look ridic swamped in this much denim. I applaud your sartorial savvy, Ksenia, but I’ll be sitting this design out.’

Get The Look On The High St

While we’re yet to uncover the ultimate Ksenia Schnaider dupe, these will do the trick until the shops play catch-up…

Jeans, £49.99, Bershka