Craving Chocolate During Your Period Is A Myth

This is not a drill

Craving chocolate during the time of the month is a thing, right? Wrong. According to The Metro, new research from the State University of New York suggests that craving a big bar (or ten) of Dairy Milk around the time of your period doesn’t actually have anything to do with science, but is in fact down to savvy advertising. Yeah. WTF.

The study compared the PMS symptoms of 275 women from around the world and found two things: 1) Foreign-born women were half as likely to experience menstrual chocolate craving than women born to US-born parents, and 2) Foreign-born women were two and a half times less likely to experience said cravings than second-generation immigrants.

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They also found that American women had the biggest chocolate cravings, compared to only 6% of Egyptian women and 28% of Spanish women.

What does this mean? Well, considering we all go through the same bodily changes during menstruation but the level of chocolate cravings varied according to where the participants originated from, and we have our chocolate-craving-cause: westernisation.

Yep, the study also showed the more a woman was exposed to American TV and magazines (where chocolate ads are regularly found), the more likely they were to crave the sweet stuff.

To recap then, it looks like cramp-curing-chocolate is a myth, and that it’s all down to social conditioning. Damn.