#Normcore – Spring’s New Style Craze Explained

There’s a backlash to statement dressing afoot, and it’s gone seriously viral. Introducing #normcore (check it out on Instagram).

Described as ‘embracing sameness, rather than striving for difference’, normcore is basically all about looking generic, or, dare we say it, just a little bit bland. See Kristen Stewart, Fearne Cotton, Jennifer Garner and Kate Moss in her ‘90s heyday for classic Normcore poster girls.

After seasons of wanting to stand out – peacocking street stylers, we’re looking at you – normcore offers an alternative style if you’re not into hipster trends like ‘mom’ jeans and scrunchies. It’s all about blending into the crowd by wearing nondescript staples like classic jeans and tees.

To be truly normcore, it’s time to go back to denim basics with a lived-in straight leg. Extra marks for stonewash. With t-shirts, you’ll need a classic white scoop or crew neck that’s slightly baggy. Ditto jumpers, but a turtleneck will nail it too.

Grungy hoodies are a normcore staple (think K-Stew-style boyfriend-fit), as are leather bikers a size too big and box fresh Reebok/New Balance trainers. 

Hair is also important – stick with a simple pony or wear it down and un-zhooshed. No dye jobs allowed.

By Gemma Gow

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