Constellation Piercings: The Dreamy New Trend You Should Know About

'Lobes that shine bright like stars? Yep, that's the effect the new constellation trend will give you...

With every week brings a new piercing trend. But the latest – constellation piercings – has to be one of the prettiest yet.

Invented by celebrity piercer Brian Keith Thompson, whose worked with A-list lobes such as Beyonce’s, the constellation piercing trend means clustering your earrings on your ear to replicate those famous stars in the sky.


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By BKT. #BrianKeithThompson #BodyElectricTattoo

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Whilst it’s nothing new, the trend for starry-esque lobes has suddenly got huge in LA, with every other cool gal rocking the trend right now.

And we can see why. It’s a super modern way to work your multiple piercings, and even better, can be totally unique to you. It’s also one of the more pain-free options, as it can be done just on the lobes, no tough cartilage-piercing needed.


constellation piercing

Constellation piercings are about to be huge…

We love the dainty, delicate effect, which can totally be worn every day. And hey, we never need an excuse to buy more earrings… You?

Thompson’s even offered up his top tips to Teen Vogue to make sure you get the trend right – ‘two doesn’t really make a constellation, but three does’, he advises – and it’s all about the contrast. So make sure to mix up your simple studs with a few moon, stars or hoops to keep people guessing.

There’s tonnes of constellation piercing inspo around to convince you – here are some of our faves from Thompson himself…

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Tragus, Conch and Double Helix by BKT. #BodyElectricTattoo #BrianKeithThompson

A photo posted by Brian Keith Thompson (@bodyelectrictattoo) on

#BodyElectricTattoo #BrianKeithThompson

A photo posted by Brian Keith Thompson (@bodyelectrictattoo) on

Rook and Double Lobe by BKT #bodyelectrictattoo #BrianKeithThompson

A photo posted by Brian Keith Thompson (@bodyelectrictattoo) on