This Is What People Are Really Thinking When They Compliment Your Outfit

We all remember that Mean Girls moment when Regina George tells someone in the school corridor that she loves her skirt before totally slating it a moment later. Remember this?

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And it’s not just the plastics that are dishing out the fake compliments left, right and centre. Have you ever told someone you’re obsessed with their faux fur coat when really you wouldn’t be caught dead in it? Or, maybe you’ve demanded details of where your friend got her new cross-body bag when you have no intentions of ever purchasing it?

Well, you’re not alone. A new study revealed that 53% of us lie about liking someone’s outfit.

It’s the classic case of not being able to take your eyes off something so much that you feel the burning urge to say just about anything. In fact, often we are doing ourselves a favour by saying something nice instead of offending the person by disclosing our real thoughts.

The same study found that these little white lies we tell are more common than you might think. Their research found that 81% of people thought it was OK to tell a white lie now and again. And women are worse culprits than men with 84% admitting they are happy to white lie versus 74% of men.

As well as outfits, 55% of women have lied about the price of piece of clothing (we’re definitely guilty of that one), and 42% of females have been untruthful about a diet.