Mini-Egg-Coloured Denim Is Now A Thing

Just in time for Easter...

Colourful trouser trends are few and far between. Not least because it requires a certain type of person to pull off bright trews without feeling a little out of their comfort zone, but because they can be pretty hard to style. This one, though, is so wearable you’ll want to rock it all year long. Behold, mini-egg-hued-denim…

Forget underwear- it’s denim that’s a basic human right. Whether you’re on the train, in the pub or out for dinner, take a moment to scan the crowd and we guarantee at least 85% of the people around you will be wearing a pair of jeans.

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Left to right: Skirt, £3, Topshop; Dress, £69, Warehouse; Shorts, £30, Topshop

Yes, we too are guilty of pulling them on without a second sartorial thought; after all, nothing else looks as good with a plain tee and trainer/ankle boots/high heels quite like them.

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However, should you wish to banish your blend-in blues for something more standout, look no further. Pastel painted denim is all the rage right now, giving our Instagram feeds a dose of My Little Pony-worthy colour.

Left to right: Pink
jeans, £39.99, H&M; Denim jacket, £39.99, Zara; Yellow jeans, £19.99, Mango

With hues of yellow, pink and purple reigning supreme, these buys bare a striking resemblance to the Mini Eggs we gorged ourselves on last weekend and, erm, today and yesterday. Okay, everyday this week.

Wear with crisp white separates for a sleek spin or, for extra outfit kudos, try wearing the colour top-to-toe in varying shades. Sure, they might not be Cadbury, but these sugary staples are delicious nonetheless.