Clueless: Team LOOK’s Top 13 Quotes Ever

We would we be without Clueless? Honestly. Ask yourselves that question.

If you were a ’90s teen, Cher (Alicia Silverstone) and her posse of Beverly Hills rich kids with their designer threads and sassy one-liners would have pretty much ruled your world. From it’s wicked soundtrack (Rolling With The Homies anyone), to the swoony Paul Rudd ending, Clueless remains to be one of the definitive chick flicks ever made. And in honour of the movie’s twentieth anniversary this summer, we’d like to Cher with you (sorry, we could help ourselves), some of our fave Clueless quotes. Enjoy…

1. The Monet Discussion

Tai: Do you think she’s pretty?

Cher: No, she’s a full-on Monet.

Tai: What’s a monet?

Cher: It’s like a painting, see? From far away, it’s OK, but up close, it’s a big old mess. Let’s ask a guy. Christian, what do you think of Amber?

Christian: Hagsville.

Cher: See?


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2. The Nose Job

Amber: Ms. Stoeger, my plastic surgeon doesn’t want me doing any activity where balls fly at my nose.

Dionne: Well, there goes your social life.

Cher and Dionne


3. The Dress

Mel: What the hell is that?

Cher: A dress.

Mel: Says who?

Cher: Calvin Klein.


Cher's Dress


4. On Virginity

Cher: You see how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet.


5. Current Affairs

Josh: Do you have any idea what you’re talking about?

Cher: No. Why, does it sound like I do?

Cher & Josh


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6. On Friendship

Cher: Would you call me selfish?

Dionne: No, not to your face.

Dionne, Amber & Cher


7. Concussion

Cher: If it’s a concussion, you have to keep her conscious, okay? Ask her questions.

Elton: What’s seven times seven?

Cher: Stuff she knows.


8. On Dating Christian

Cher: He does dress better than I do, what would I bring to the relationship?


9. Education

Mel: So, what did you do in school today?

Cher: Well, I broke in my purple clogs.

Cher in School


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10. On Architecture

Cher: Isn’t my house classic? The columns date all the way back to 1972.


11. On Parking

Josh: You want to practice parking?

Cher: What’s the point? Everywhere you go has valet.


12. Way Harsh Tai

Tai: Why should I listen to you, anyway? You’re a virgin who can’t drive.

Cher: That was way harsh, Tai.


13. As If