13 Things You’ll Know If You Spent Your Teens In A Nightclub

Hands up if you were a hardcore clubber in your teens? Oh we hear you! We can’t lie, most of us here at LOOK have more than our fair share of clubbing stories to tell, but it turns out they may soon be a thing of the past, with more than 1,411 nightclubs closing in the UK alone since 2005. That means there’s only 1733 raving hotspots left to get you freak on.

So if you were a self-confessed teenage raver, come and reminisce the good times with us…


1. Spending hours and hours getting ready. And we mean hours

How do I look?

fashion fail hair nostalgia make up


2. Thinking you were hot stuff because the bouncer let you and your friends queue jump

favorite destinys child 1000 notes lose my breath


3. There’s always that one friend that goes missing, then randomly turns up at the end of the night

Where have you been!?!


4. That guy who tries to dance with you all night. Erm, we don’t think so. 

It’s not about groupies in the club. Just no

pete davidson dancing twerking guy code


5. Getting the drinks in without getting shoved in every direction and spilling the lot when a banging tune came on. No mean feat. 

It’s like a race to get to the other side.

Cheezburger germany fired beer spill


6. Being stuck in the loo when said banging tune came on. Why do girls take so long?!

waiting peggy patience waiting gif online shopping


7. Trying to dance in that super tight dress you thought made you look like Christina Aguilera.

dance 80s christina applegate married with children kelly bundy


8. Thinking you were immune to the cold. 

Freezing? Me? No, my legs are always this colour. 

frozen cold weather anna elsa  


9. The toilets.

Need we say more?

club toilet


10. Those heels you thought you could dance the whole night in? Yeah, you couldn’t. 

They come right off.

RuPaul's Drag Race S5 tv show rupauls drag race rupaul falling


11. Reapplying your lip-gloss about a thousand times.

Are they shiny enough?

mtv vmas makeup becky g video music awards


12. The DJ who kept MC’ing over EVERY track

Just play the song dude. 

dj keeping up with the kardashians kardashians kris jenner


13. Post clubbing food cravings…

I want ALL the food!

burger feeling myself beyonce food nicki minaj


14. Trying to sneak back in, without waking up the entire house.

Epic FAIL.