10 Facts You Never Knew About Your Clothes

We’re all familiar with all of the tiny details on our favourite clothes… Aren’t we?

Well, actually, there’s more than a few weird (and some very, very useful) facts about our clothes that you’ve probably never heard of before. Prepare to be mindblown…

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1) Breaking In New Shoes

We’ve all been through the pain that comes with wearing in a new pair of shoes, but apparently a pair of socks and a hair dryer is all you need to reign blister-free. Take note…

  1. Find your thickest winter socks.
  2. Slip on your shoes while wearing the socks.
  3. Grab your hair dryer, switch it onto a warm setting, and hold it over your feet for about 30 seconds.
  4. Pay close attention to the areas of the shoes that are particularly tight.
  5. Wiggle your feet around while the hair dryer is on.
  6. Turn off the hair dryer and walk around as the shoes begin to cool. Slip off the socks, try the shoes back on, and see how comfortable they are.
  7. Repeat this process until you’ve reached the desired comfort level.

See? We’re speechless, too.

2) Those Extra Holes In Your Converse

As you lace-up your Converse, you probably take a look at those extra holes in the side of your shoes and wonder why on earth they’re there. Why wouldn’t you? You’re only human, after all. Well, it turns out the reason for their existence is twofold. As these shoes are the original basketball boot, it turns out those holes are key to providing some much-needed ventiliation. And if, like us, you’re not entirely sure what basketball even is, it’s just nice to know your feet have room to breathe on hot days.

The second reason for those holes is a bit jazzier, however. Apparently, we’ve all been lacing wrongly. It turns out, those holes provide us all with the opportunity to get creative with our laces. There are even entire YouTube channels dedicated to this very subject. Who knew?

3) Left-sided Shirt Buttons

In case you hadn’t noticed, men’s shirt buttons are on the right and women’s on the left. And the reason? Well, there are a few. First and foremost, one theory says that it became a thing to make breastfeeding easier. Yep, according to research, over 70% of humans are right-handed meaning women are more likely to hold their babies in their left arm. As a result, opening left-sided buttons is a whole lot easier. Second, the breeze down our tops from horse riding is a load more bearable (apparently women rode sidesaddle to the right). But, the most commonly cited reason of all is that women never used to dress themselves. We KNOW. Those lucky 18th century minions were so important they even determined which side buttons were so that servants could tend to their everyday dressing needs…

4) Tiny Jeans Pocket

Ever wondered what that tiny extra pocket above the main front pockets in your jeans is for? Well, here’s an interesting fact: It’s a watch pocket. Back in the 1800s, cowboys used to wear their watches on chains and kept them in their waistcoats. To keep them from getting broken, Levis introduced this small pocket where they could keep their watch. Who knew?! Nowadays, people use them for loose change, tickets and, erm, condoms (so we’ve heard).

5) Coat Stiches

You know that little ‘X’ that sits at the back of your coat where the two panels meet? Yep, well you’re supposed to remove that once you’ve bought it. Retailers only stitch them onto coats to stop the fabric panels from creasing in store, but once it’s yours, you should get rid of them to allow the panels to separate and swish as you walk.

6) Labels In Sleeves

Suit makers often stich the brand’s label onto the sleeve of the suit jacket for when it’s on sale, and guess what? Tonnes of people don’t realise they’re supposed to take it off. In fact, it became a bit of a hipster menswear trend to keep your cuff label on, but if you want our advice? When you buy a suit, don’t forget to cut off the label before you wear it, or prepare to be laughed out of that meeting room…

7) Clothing Straps

Or ribbon tags, whatever you call them, they’re those pesky ribbons attached to the shoulders of your tops and dresses designed to help you hang up your clothes. Nice idea, except we never use them, and they ALWAYS work their way outside of our tops to hang unelegantly down our back. Snip them off to avoid this particular faux pas.  

8) Plastic Earring Backs

The general consensus is that you’re actually supposed to remove those pesky plastic earring backs that cover the stoppers on your favourite studs. After putting up with those hard plastic bits digging into our ears for years, his revelation actually changed our lives. (NB: Other people argue that the plastic bits are meant to keep particularly heavy (and possibly cheap) pieces of costume jewelry from sagging or sliding out of your ears… We’ll let you decide!).

9) Stitched-Up Pockets

How many of you have left your coat pockets stitched up without releasing they could actually be unpicked to reveal a whole pocket full of wonderfulness?! (Guilty). Pockets are sewn up whilst in the factory so they aren’t deformed by countless people trying on the garment – to unpick, simply use a seam ripper or a pair of small nail scissors.

10) Tiny Silver Jean Studs

So now you know what the tiny pocket on your jeans is for, but what about the little silver press stud that sits next to it? Not just for decoration it turns out. First up, they’re called rivets, not buttons, and,  according to Elite Daily, they’re there to prevent jeans from wearing out and ripping at the seam. Copper rivets are actually patented by Levi, as it was Levi Strauss who came up with the idea for rivets in 1829 when he noticed miners were complaining about how quickly their pants wore out. They were put in place to prevent wear and tear on the corners of pocket seams, as pockets go through a lot of strain when you sit/put things in them.

So there you have it. Who knew fashion was so functional?