The Big Fat 2016 LOOK Christmas Quiz

From celebrity news to world tragedies, how hot are you on your 2016 knowledge? Time to find out with our Christmas quiz...

Christmas Day wouldn’t be Christmas Day without a great big Christmas quiz to get competitive over with your family, right?! Which is why we’ve compiled the most epic Christmas quiz of them all for you to showcase your celeb/news/sporting knowledge this festive season…

Simply print out and enjoy!

I'm A Celebrity 2016 winner

Scarlett was named Queen of the Jungle on this year’s I’m A Celeb



1. Deadshot and Griggs are characters from which 2016 action movie?

Suicide Squad


2. Who won the Great British Bake Off Final?

Candice Brown


3. Which celeb caused a stir by leaving BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing?

Will Young


4. Which comedian caused offence by launching a foul-mouthed attack against Scottish people on Twitter?

John Cleese


5. At the 68th Emmy awards, which epic series won Outstanding Drama Series?

Game of Thrones


6. Who won the sixteenth series of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here?

Scarlett Moffatt


7. Megastar Prince passed away at his recording studios in which American city ?



8. Which film of 2016 is based on a comic by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld?



9. Which Beckham child has released a single?



10. Which 80’s themed show saw the return of Winona Ryder?

Stranger things


11. Who brought Adidas poppers back into fashion?

Kim Kardashian


12. Which Iconic Eastenders character died this year?



Waitrose's bacon trifle has caused quite the stir this Christmas...

Waitrose’s bacon trifle has caused quite the stir this Christmas…



1. On what date did Britain vote on whether or not to leave the European Union?

23rd June


2. The Natural Environment Research Council invited the public to suggest names for its research vessel. Which bizarre suggestion received over 27,000 votes?

Boaty McBoatface


3. In March a study concluded that which famous playwright’s skull had probably been stolen by graverobbers?



4. Which US policitican sparked a Cheetos make up tutorial?

Donald Trump


5. Which animal on Planet Earth was seen fleeing snakes in a clip that went viral?

An iguana


6. The first ever what, was grown in space on the International Space Station in 2016

a) a potato

b) a moustache

c) a flower



7. In January Oxfam published a report stating that the world’s 62 richest people are as wealthy as the combined wealth of what proportion of the world’s population?

a) 10%

b) 50%

c) 90%

ANSWER: b) 50%


8. It is announced that which artist is going to appear on the reverse of the £20 England bank note in 2020?

William Turner


9. What skincare ingredient became widely banned because of it’s damage to the environment?



10. Which fire-related three letter word became a viral Instagram hashtag, replacing ‘slay’?



11. Which techy gadget was recalled because it kept exploding?

Samsung Edge


12. Which supermarket released a Christmas trifle that contained bacon just like the one from Friends?



Mo Farah at this year's 2016 Olympics...

Mo Farah at this year’s 2016 Olympics…




1. Who won the 10000m title at the Rio Olympics when he defended his title to win gold?

Mo Farah


2. Known as ‘The King’, one of golf’S all time greats died in 2016… Name him

Arnold Palmer


3. Which football manager celebrated 20 years in charge of his premiership team this year?

Arsene Wenger


4. Which country knocked 2 times defending champions Spain out of the UEFA European Championship?



5. The 103rd Tour De France was won in July by which rider?

Chris Froome


6. In January a team of women rowers were the first women’s team to perform which feat?

They rowed

a) across the Atlantic

b) around the world

c) across the Pacific

ANSWER: C) The Pacific


7. Why was Hazeltine in the news?

It’s the golf club that hosted the Ryder Cup


9. Which athlete ended his career at the Rio Olympics after winning his 23rd Gold medal making him world’s most decorated Olympian?

Michael Phelps


10. What colour did the Olympic pool turn in this year’s games?