The Christmas Day Drinking Game Everyone Can Play

Picture this.

It’s Christmas Day and well, after all that food and Queenie’s speech (and maybe a little couch snooze), it’s about time things got lively. And nothing says ‘party’ like a good old fashioned drinking game. Now before you get all horrified on us, believe it or not there is one drinking game that you can play with the rents that doesn’t involve £1 shots of cherry vodka. In fact, you could almost call this Christmas drinking game well…a bit refined. Rather.

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Yes folks, THE drinking game you need to be playing with nan, the twins and uncle Pat this Christmas Day is the Downton Abbey Christmas Special Soirée – perfect for those Christmas Day evening slumps that can traditionally leave you in food coma hell.

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The rules? Well, no rules really – just remember that this isn’t your average Fresher Week binge-drinking marathon. This is an event to be enjoyed at a ladylike pace. Plus, you get to do two of your favourite things simultaneously. Drink nice drinks, and get your Downton on. Awesome.

So roll on 20:45. Get the kettle on, and get ready to see out Downton Abbey in style….



Downton Abbey Christmas Special Soirée

Players: As many as you like – just make sure everyone can see the TV….

Drinks: Think Downton Abbey style quaffing. Tea (see, we told you nan could get involved), bubbles, gin & tonic, maybe a nice glass of red wine…you get the picture.

Optional extras: Come on, it’s a) Downton, and b) Christmas. A few funny hats/pearl necklaces/bow ties wouldn’t go amiss. Dress for the occasion. Don’t let the Crawley’s down.


1) Every time anyone mentions the ‘good old days’ or make reference to the past, take a polite sip of your preferred drink

2) Every time Lady Mary throws some shade at Edith, take a shot

3) Every time Lady Grantham wears a nice hat, drink some fizz

4) Every time Carson gets outraged, take a shot

5) Every time Lord and Lady Grantham have a bedtime chat, take a sip

6) Every time Thomas looks like he’s up to something, take a shot

7) Every time the staff sit down to breakfast/lunch/dinner, drink some fizz

*Bonus Round*

Every time Maggie Smith AKA the Dowager Countess of Grantham steals the show, pop the champers and toast her good health!