Christmas Baby Outfits: The Cutest LOOK Picks

Next Fleece Reindeer Hat, £6

Christmas baby outfits are getting cuter and cuter with each passing year, and 2015 is no exception.

Tartan frocks, tiny tweed waistcoats and adorable festive novelty suits are all over the Christmas high street this season, with fantastic offerings coming from supermarket giants and department stores alike. In fact, some of these Christmas baby outfits are SO cute it’s almost like you don’t need a little person to buy for. Can’t we just stockpile all of this adorableness until someone we know decides to have a baby? Course we can. It’s Christmas.

So whether you are shopping for your own precious poppet, or for a friend’s little bundle of joy, we’ve found some of the most gorgeous Christmas baby outfits out there, with pieces to suit every style and budget.

Be warned. You might not be able to handle the cuteness….

The Baby Christmas Jumpers

Ok, who says that Christmas jumpers are just for us festive obsessed adults? Believe it or not you can now buy ickle mini Christmas jumpers for tots too. The rub of it is that they don’t come in big people sizes…


H&M Cotton Shirt and Slipover, £14.99

Next Christmas Jumper, from £20 (Coming Soon)

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The Traditional Christmas Baby

If you are looking for Christmas baby outfits with a distinctly vintage feel, why not opt for wee party frocks and suits in traditional tartans and super-soft velvets. Perfect for keeping baby cosy and stylish, these adorable little pieces are guaranteed to be New Years Eve showstoppers.


Mamas&Papas Mock Waistcoat All-In-One, £24

M&S 2 Piece Velour Dress & Tights Outfit, £18

The Christmas Novelty Suit

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ quite like a baby dressed as an elf right? Well, even if magical Santa helpers aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other festive friends you can opt for if you want to find a novelty onesie for your baba. Once again, we wish they all came in big people sizes too.


George Elf All in One & Hat Baby Set, £7

F&F Santa Dress-Up All In One

The Christmas Pramsuits

Nawww, when you see a little baby all wrapped up in a festive pramsuit or onesie, it’s hard not to feel a teeny bit jealous. Snuggly, fun and practical, this beauties are the best way to keep your tiddler all Christmas cosy. Lovely.


M&S Penguin Snowsuit, £26

George Christmas Reindeer Hooded All-In-One, £8