This Woman’s Creepy Cakes Are Scaring Instagram

LA based baker Christine McConnell has been freaking everyone on Instagram out with her terrifying (and totally amazing) cakes.

We’ve seen some pretty epic bakes in our time (we’re looking at you, Great British Bake Off), but Christine’s blowing them all out the water with her grotesque, gothic designs. 


From scary snakes with fangs bursting out of icing-covered sponges to creepy shortbread scorpians based on the face-huggers from Alien, the 32-year-old stylis/photographer/performance-artist clearly has a taste for the weird. 

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With 145,000 followers and counting, her Instagram account has become a bit of a phenomenon, with fans tuning in to see what creepy cake she’s going to bake next.

On top of her baking talent, Christine also just happens to be a totally stunning 1950’s style pin-up, all retro floral frocks, pastel pinafores and perfectly coiffed hair.


And her impressive artistry and eye for detail clearly comes from her impressive CV – the Tim Burton devotee trained as a hair and make-up artist before teaching herself to bake via YouTube videos. Wow. 


‘I’m very enamoured with the style of the 1940’s, ’50’s, and ’60’s,’ McConnell told BuzzFeed. ‘But I love the goofy sense of comedy that came out of the 1980’s. So my work is kind of a pretty/spooky combination of those things.’


So, who gets to eat these Instagram-worthy bakes? And is she making a living out of it? ‘I really just bake for friends family and fun’, she said. ‘The baking work is so complicated I wouldn’t even know how to charge for it.


‘I have a new idea almost every other minute and I hope I never lose the energy to keep learning and trying new stuff.’

Now. How can we persuade Christine to bake for our next Halloween party…