Christina's first red-carpet look

Christina Hendricks Rocks A Red-Carpet Quick Change

The stars stepped out last night for possibly the saddest moment in TV ever, ok, maybe not ever, but the finale of Mad Men is gonna take us a while to get over.

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom as Christina Hendricks aka office bombshell Joan, hit the red-carpet in the largest dress we’ve seen in a while. Going against the theme at the Black & Red Ball, Christina brought a whole lot of old-school Hollywood glamour to the event.

Looking absolutely stunning, Christina stole the show in a dark green custom-made Zac Posen gown that perfectly complimented the curvaceous figure she’s become famous for. Girl crush doesn’t cover it.


And the excitement doesn’t stop there. Proving she’s anything but a one-trick pony, Christina whipped off her voluminous skirt to reveal a second sleek (and slighly more practical) fishtail dress underneath. A red-carpet quick change with a 2-in-1 designer dress and two totally glam looks we love? Christina knows how to get us excited.

Finishing the look with ultra feminine soft Hollywood waves, a slick of orange-red lipstick and majorly fluttery eyelashes, Christina looked every bit the retro pin-up girl. Our favourite bit? The hundreds of tiny butterflies embroidered on the hem of her dress. Beautiful!

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By George Driver