This Louboutin News Will Get You All Excited

If you ever fancied owning your own slice of the Christian Louboutin empire but couldn’t quite manage the hefty price tag then your luck is about to change. The iconic French footwear designer has launched a new ‘Louboutinize’ photo-filtering app, to aid us in our never-ending efforts to make our social media lives as glamorous as possible.

In the words of Louboutin himself: “It’s very important to desire things you don’t need…” and the app seems to fulfill that brief to the letter. The free app, which is currently only available on the App Store, comes with three filters, Rouge, Crystallize and Legs.

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The first filter, ‘Rouge’, takes your photos and adds the label’s signature red colour.  Although the result is less Harrods shoe hall and more budget horror film. ‘Crystallize’ adds a kaleidoscopic effect, meant to hint at the brand’s crystal nail polish bottles, but actually gives the impression you dropped your phone in the bath.

The final filter, ‘Legs’, perhaps the most gimmicky of all, allows you to turn yourself into some sort of Minotaur-horse-hybrid. By merging your holiday photos with the legs of polo players, ballet dancers and Dita Von Teese, it will make for some interesting Facebook uploads.

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It’s been a busy week for Louboutin fans, with the release of the app, the premiere of Channel 4 documentary Christian Louboutin: The World’s Most Fabulous Shoes and the launch of a new British business devoted solely to the restoration of Louboutins beloved red soles.

Yep, former lingerie model Charlotte Staerck, of County Durham, convinced her husband, Ben Staerck, to join her in a new venture dedicated to refreshing that famous red soles of Louboutin shoes. It came after he thriftily fixed up her high-end shoe collection instead of trading them in for a new pair, which cost around £600.

We’re downloading the app as we speak. Get ready to Louboutinize your life. 

By Sophie Gallagher