Who Just Compared Chrissy Teigen’s Bump To A Fruit?

We all love the gorgeous and funny model Chrissy Teigen, for many reasons. Not only is she a successful author, she is a model after our own hearts, when it comes to her love of food. She is also one of our favorite foodspo’s here at the Look office. If you haven’t seen Chrissy’s instgaram we suggest you head over there now, you’ll thank us later…

> Just making cinnamon rolls as you do!


The cook regularly fills our instagram feeds with mouth-watering recipes. That will have you ditching your diets without a second thought. But one of the major reasons we love Chrissy Teigen, is for her unapologetic stance on loving her body, flaws and all.


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So when she announced her pregnancy last year, we couldn’t wait for all the amazing body positive and inspiring tweets from the model. She’s done just that, remaining very open and candid about her ever changing body, embracing her bump and shutting down haters along the way too, you go girl!

The model just took to twitter to vent about her biggest pet peeve, and you won’t believe what it is either. “The most annoying part of pregnancy is the fruit and veg s**t,” she wrote. “Your baby is 6 inches. A pineapple!’ What the f**k grocery store we at?”. We’ve heard about random bump comparisons before, but fruit? Now that is strange. But it hasn’t put a damper on Chrissy’s love of all things food, oh no. She’s only given us more reason to love her even more, with her follow up tweet…


When it comes to motherhood Chrissy is one celeb mum that’s going to love and enjoy it all the way. She made us LOL when she tweeted “I just smelled dough during a Pillsbury commercial. I really did,” and “Is it possible I am a tester for new smellology or am I just very preg.” Oh Chrissy you are definitely a model after our own hearts!