Wait Until You See This Chloé Bag Copy

Yep, we've done it again...

First came the Chloé Faye bag, then came the Drew, and now it’s all about the Nile.

You’ll definitely have seen it before- it’s the mini flap style complete with gold ring handle but, obviously, we’re not talking about the real £1150 deal- because there’s more important things to pay out for. Like food. And rent. Sigh.

Sure enough, the high street has taken everything we love about the design– bracelet ring and all, and created incarnations we can actually afford and look no different from the original. Hallelujah.

Look to Mango for a sleeker version sans studs, or Shein for all the Chloé-esque add-ons.

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And the best bit about these high-street dupes? Other than the cheap as chips price? They will literally transform any outfit into an Insta(nt) #OOTD hit. Srsly, you could wear one of these bags with your old skinnies, a plain tee and three day-old hair and still look cool. This bag demands all the attention – and we’re more than happy for it to take it.

Not just for off-duty, style these bags with an embroidered dress and statement earrings for summer weddings or wear with a brightly coloured jumpsuit and flatforms for your mate’s birthday cocktails.

However you style it, don’t wait to get your hands on one. With doppelgängers this good, we guarantee they won’t be around for long.

Are You In DeNile? Because we are. And so is the rest of the style set…