Chick Flicks: The Top 17 You Need To Watch This Weekend

Let’s face it. Sometimes real life just doesn’t cut it.

It’s the weekend. The weather is less than great. You are watching your phone to see if someone, somewhere is about to invite you to the party of the century. You’re watching your friends have all the fun on Instagram and feeling pretty sorry for yourself. And what’s that? A text message? Oh wait, it’s from Vodafone. 

We’ve all been there. And when this rotten sense of listlessness and downright apathy for life occurs, there’s one thing guaranteed to lift your mood. Whatever your poison; whether it’s Gosling, Cruise, or the late and great Swayze, your failsafe chick flick waits in the wings like your favourite and motheaten old cuddly toy, ready to give you the biggest hug when life gives you lemons. And let’s face it, who can be bothered making lemonade?

So pass the Jaffa Cakes, get the kettle on, log into Netflix, and let the marathon begin….

1. The Breakfast Club

John Hughes pretty much defined a generation with his cult teen movies, and this classic coming of age tale is one of his most beloved. Surrounding a group of American high school kids serving detention, The Breakfast Club showed us that true love and friendship could happen across teenage sub-cultural divides. Yes, the prom queen really COULD fall in love with the criminally prone high school drop out (?), plus, Molly Ringwald’s poofy do? Swoon. Actually, Molly Ringwald in general- swoon. 

The Breakfast Club Teen angst in The Breakfast Club


2. Pretty Woman

As long as you didn’t delve too deeply into the moral implications of this movie, Pretty Woman was the ultimate chick flick for any girl that loved fairy-tales. Julia Roberts with her thigh high boots just comes along and sasses her way all over Richard Gere, listens to Prince in the bath, wallops a snail across the room, and gets medieval on some retail staff. Oh, and falls in love. ‘Cinder- f******-rella’? Yeah, you know it.

Pretty Woman Richard Gere nearly takes Julia’s fingers off

3. How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days

Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. What more do we need to say? 

How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days Kiss Cam: Yes please Matthew…

4. Mermaids

Before she became the face of Marc Jacobs, Cher was fooling around in a ’60s get-up and snogging Matt Dillon in cult movie Mermaids. Not only was Cher a fast-talking and super-hot single mom with a whopper beehive, she also knew how to nail a fish-tail and seduce Bob Hoskins. Remember the Shoop Shoop Song? Course you do.

Mermaids Cher hanging out in a bath. Obvs

5. Beaches

The ultimate BFF movie. If this doesn’t get the tears going, nothing will. Moving swiftly on to…

Beaches Because you are, the wind beneath my wings…

6. Thelma & Louise

BFFs and Brad Pitt. This critically acclaimed violent-femme road movie starring Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon is the go-to chick flick for the good girl that wants to be a bit bad. Plus, there is more double-denim than you can shake a stick at. Oh, and Brad Pitt takes his top off. Boom.

Thelma & Louise Way before Instagram was even a thing


7. Four Weddings And A Funeral

Hugh Grant doing what he does best. Largely thanks to writer Richard Curtis, who is also the brains behind…

Four Weddings And A Funeral The wedding party


8. Notting Hill

Hugh Grant still doing what he does best, but this time with the amazing Julia Roberts. He works in a bookshop, she’s a movie star. Alec Baldwin has a cameo, so does a very young Mischa Barton. It really is the stuff of dreams. 

Notting Hill Hugh Grant. One smooth criminal


9. Cocktail

Way back before he was cartwheeling in front of Oprah, Tom Cruise was bona fide ’80s totty. Fact. Cocktail did for bartending what Top Gun did for stunt piloting, and Tom Cruise led both of these charges. Sporting a collection of rather snazzy shirts, Tom flips and flares his way through 104 minutes, proving to us all that a career in mixology gurantees you everything you pretty much want from life.

Cocktail Tom Cruise, shaken not stirred


10. Pretty In Pink

Molly Ringwald (yes, we are members of her fan club) makes another appearance on our list in a similarly classic John Hughes movie, only this time she shirks her prom-queen status in favour of playing a kooky high school girl that’s pretty nifty with a sewing machine. The unveil of Andie’s dress at the end of the movie still sends shivers down our spine. And makes us want to take up needlework. 

Pretty In Pink Molly and her villains


11. 10 Things I Hate About You

Heath Ledger is greatly missed by all, and the scene in this film where he serenades a prickly Julia Styles during football practice is probably one of the greatest, most immortalising moments of his career. You made us swoon, Heath. We are forever grateful. (Also, we’ll never get over the poem Julia’s character writes for him, and subsequently reads aloud to her entire class). 

10 Things I Hate About You Heath x


12. The Notebook

Ryan Gosling promises to love Rachel McAdams for all time. ALL TIME. Why? Why can’t this happen to us?

The Notebook A lifetime with Gosling. Dare to dream…


13. Dirty Dancing

The first man in any young girl’s life was probably Patrick Swayze. Using dance to enforce anyone’s sexual awakening is pretty fly in our books, but the Swayze did it with such swagger that he’ll forever be the first and last in our mind. Yes she carried a watermelon, yes we all tried ‘the lift’, and no-one, NO-ONE puts Baby in the corner.

Dirty Dancing How do you call your Lover Boy?


14. Clueless

Coining a whole subculture in itself, Clueless was THE movie that between tartan twinsets and botched driving tests, shook up our teen cliques in a massive way. Alicia Silverstone as the precocious yet kind hearted Cher won us all over with her goofy charm and Alaïa dresses. Plus, Paul Rudd? The man is AGELESS. 


Clueless Get me on my beeper

15. Mean Girls

The Clueless for a new generation (see above), Mean Girls achieved the same cult status as it’s ’90s equivalent only with Rachel McAdams as the repulsive (yet brilliant) Regina George taking the high school helm. Written by the marvellously talented Tina Fey, Mean Girls upped the ante on clique-flicks and generated another dictionary of teen girl lingo. Beware the ‘Burn Book’….

Mean Girls Oh Regina

17. In A League Of Their Own

Because there’s NO crying in baseball, In A League Of Their Own made it on to our list because of a) girls bonding and playing sport, and b) Madonna’s brunette fierceness. But don’t worry, it’s obviously not about baseball. It’s about SO much more than that. 

In A League Of Their Own Definitely no crying in baseball

17. Pitch Perfect

Because Anna Kendrick is the bomb.

Pitch Perfect All singing, all dancing