Italian Blogger Gets Revenge On Twitter Trolls

In the best way EVER

Being a blogger isn’t all sunshine and roses. They’re victim to online trolling on a daily basis, and not everyone’s thick skinned enough to withstand the abuse. Italian blogger Chiara Nasti, though, just showed how to have the last laugh- by printing haters’ tweets onto toilet paper and flushing them away. Brilliant.


Pulirsi in modo decente 💩 #forhaters

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Chiara’s killer style, modeling career and all-round glamorous lifestyle, has amassed her 1.3 million Instagram followers, but not everyone’s a fan.

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One user tweeted: “A total embarrassment. How can you call yourself a blogger?”

@plumeetheree 👙

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And another: “So rich and so stupid.”

Oh, and just one more: “Chiara Nasti is a toilet and dresses like sh**.”

Wait: “You look disgusting.”

Morning🤓 #tattootime #Ink #napoli @brandienzo #yes😎🐉🐲🦎🐍

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Okay, you get our point. So, in a bid to play the bullies at their own game, Chiara posted the personalised toilet paper on her Insta account with the caption: “Pulirsi in modo decente #forhaters”, which translates to “clean yourself decently”.

My new doll by @lecarose_pink_mood #lecarose 💞

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The post currently has over 25k likes and counting, while Chiara’s continued to post snaps as usual.

What we’re saying is not that you all need to go and print abusive comments on your page onto toilet paper and share them on your own page, but that trolls really are irrelevant. Chiara just proved so in a very, very funny way…