We Need To Talk About Cheryl’s Wedding Guest Dress

Cheryl has given us a lot to talk about lately. She had us on the edge of our seats with rumours of her new beau, but now her and Liam (yes, 1D Liam) are well and truly official, there’s something else that’s got our chins wagging: the outfit she wore to Liam’s sister’s wedding. Brace yourselves…

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Picture: Twitter


We know. What was she thinking? We mean, if anyone can pull off a frock like that it’s Cheryl, and apparently she went low-key to avoid upstaging the bride, but it’s so far from her usual get-ups we almost didn’t notice her.


Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Liam Payne at the Global Gift Gala in Paris, May



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Yep, the former Girls Aloud star went for a plain grey Rick Owens dress (£1090, nonetheless) and a pair of black Saint Laurent platforms. But is there something more to her outfit choice? Is this the new Cheryl? Should we follow suit? Or has her stylist left the country? Perhaps she’s hiding something? Here’s what LOOK HQ has to say:

The grey Rick Owens dress, £1090, Cheryl wore to Liam’s sister’s wedding


“In a way, I think it’s nice that Cheryl’s taken a step back from her usual glam look to ensure all the attention is on the bride. I mean, imagine Cheryl arriving to your special day in full red carpet mode. You’d just want to go back to bed, wouldn’t you?! The only thing about it is that it’s a little too plain. It may be a low-key family do, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t add a glitzy necklace or something. It is a wedding after all.”

Cheryl and Liam in Paris, May






“Chezza, you’re a beauty, but are you having a style breakdown? This dress is way more Uncle Fester than high fash. I get what you were trying to do – less is more and all that – but the colour and cut of the dress look beyond dowdy, and don’t even get me started on those clumpy shoes. You’re better than this.”

“My first thought was “she’s pregnant!” The rumours have been circulating since Cannes and why else would she wear a grey sack to a summer wedding? Even the fact that it’s Rick Owens and the shoes are Saint Laurent can’t save this monstrosity. The irony of it all is that apparently she wanted to be low-key and not steal attention from the bride as she wasn’t originally meant to be at the wedding, but by wearing something so ill-fitting and out of character, she’s done the complete opposite!”

We hasten to add that we are by no means suggesting Cheryl is preggo, nor that our staff’s opinions should be taken as fact. What do you think? Don’t hold back…