Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Had The Most Romantic Birthday Ever

Happy first anniversary Cheryl Fernandez-Versini! Can you believe it’s been an entire year since she announced she had married Jean Bernard in secret? 

The pair tied the knot last July, and it seems the honeymoon period is most definitely still in full swing, judging by the beautiful snaps that have been flooding our Instagram feeds this morning. Now, we’re wondering what the ridiculously romantic surprise French man might have in store for his wife of a year, especially after her incredible birthday last week.

> Cheryl’s gorgeous diamond ring


On that day, Cheryl excitedly told her fans that she was being whisked off to a mystery location for her special day, sharing pics of herself in the back of a chaffeur-driven car yesterday and looking puzzled by a series of hand-written clues.

‘[He’s] got me again’, the X Factor judge captioned one of the snaps.

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> Cheryl Fernandez-Versini looking baffled by her mystery clues left by husband JB…


And the mystery location didn’t disappoint. Later that evening, hubby JB shared a picture of him and Cheryl cuddled up in a gorgeous hotel room in Italy after a candlelit dinner, with the birthday girl looking angelic in a floor-length white summer dress.  

‘She finally finished her Italian dinner in Italy’, he wrote.

> Nice effort, JB…


Cheryl clearly couldn’t get over her surprise, either, following up with a photo of her leaning on the table with a white birthday cake in front of her and a small red box with a white bow to her side – ooh, what was in the box Cheryl?!

‘When you’re asked what you would like to have for your birthday dinner and you say lets go to a nice Italian restaurant!… Then you actually end up IN Italy need to step up my game’, she cheekily captioned the image. 

Maybe that means it’s Cheryl’s turn to sort the anniversary surprise? We sure hope so…