Cheryl Cole’s Dress Auction At Asos: See All The Lots!

Incoming, incoming! Cheryl Cole’s very own dresses are going up for auction, ladies. The best bit? It’s not your standard highest bid wins, this one’s a ‘Lowest Unique Bid’, meaning the lowest monetary amount not bid by anyone else wins. So to reiterate, that means you could win one of Cheryl Cole’s dress for as little as 1p!

Cheryl set up the Cheryl Cole Foundation in conjunction with The Prince’s Trust, “When I was clearing out my wardrobe it occurred to me that the clothes I was bagging up for charity could now benefit my own charity,” said Cheryl. The items will be on sale for two weeks from 13th June so visit to place your bid and grab your chance to own a piece of the pop princess’s legacy. Now we just need to work on fitting into them!

Just scroll down to browse all the dresses to be featured in Cheryl Cole’s dress auction at