Charli XCX: “I Can’t Wait To Send Rita My Designs!”

When we heard Charli XCX had hooked up with Boohoo to create a fashion collection, we knew we were in for something pretty statement making. The 23-year-old, also known as Charlotte Emma Aitchison (the XCX stands for kiss Charli kiss) is as famous for her daring red carpet choices as she is for her hit singles and fearless, outspoken attitude. Think animal prints, 90s grunge, checks and plenty of lurex, then throw in killer heels and head-turning accessories. We got the lowdown from the girl of the moment…

Congratulations on your first fashion collection Charlie. What was designing it like?

It was cool! I felt like I was like 10 again. When I was little I used to staple clothes together to try and make them look cool but now I actually have people who are talented and able to make my weird ideas a reality, so that’s a lot more fun! I didn’t want to just put my name to a collection, I wanted to be involved in designing it and Boohoo let me do that.

charli xcx boohoo Charli XCX said she would have loved the Spice Girls to wear her Boohoo designs







Does the range reflect your style?

Totally! It’s very 90s inspired, there are some schoolgirl elements to it but also has a sassy, sexy side to it. So there’s something for everyone, but it’s definitely all things that I would wear. It’s very me.


Have any of your red carpet looks inspired the designs?

Not really – a lot of it was inspired by 90s movie characters. Cher Horowitz from Clueless, the girls in Jawbreaker, and The Craft. There’s a really cool animal print piece which I guess you could say is inspired by one of my favourite red carpet outfits – a yellow tiger print outfit by Moschino that I wore to the VMA’s in 2014.

charli xcx boohoo Charli XCX’s Boohoo collaboration is inspired by ’90s movie characters including Cher from Clueless






Which piece is your favourite?

I really love the accessories! They bring the collection to life. There are faux fur, cuffs that you can add to outfits which are really fun. My favourite dress in the collection is this black one shoulder dress with a spaghetti strap on one side and a triangular hemline. It’s a very sexy piece.


Can you see any of your celeb pals rocking the range?

I would have loved the Spice Girls to have worn it, but maybe it’s not really their style now! I’m definitely going to send a lot of stuff to Rita Ora and see if she feels it because she has a great eye for fashion.


charli xcx boohoo Yellow stole, £18. Black heels, £30




What else inspired the collection?

I actually find a lot of inspiration from fans Instagram accounts. That whole culture has been really inspiring to me. I love to see what my fans like to wear which really helped me when designing.


How would you describe the Charli XCX/Boohoo girl?

It’s for a girl who likes to play dress up and just have fun. The collection is very 90s and sassy but there are different ways to wear it – you can be dressy or wear the bomber jackets for something more laid back. I want the girl to feel like she’s dressing up to be in a film or raiding her mum’s wardrobe. 

charli xcx boohoo Lurex dress, £20. Red beret, £7





How do you deal with the pressures being in the limelight brings?

To be honest, I feel a bit oblivious to that sort of thing. I’ve really learnt that if you court that kind of attention then you get it, and if you don’t, you don’t. I don’t really care what people think of me – some people will be upset or offended at what I say or wear, and some people won’t. That’s cool – the world isn’t made for everyone to like each other and I’m just happy doing my own thing.


Tell us about your biggest ‘pinch-me’ moment…

I ran into actor Bill Murray in the lobby of a hotel and completely freaked out. He told me he liked my shoes and I ran away because I didn’t know what to say. I wish I’d invited him to a party or something but I didn’t play it cool at all.


If, like us, you can’t wait to get your hands on the collection, it lands online on October 26th. Let the countdown begin..